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  1. Hey guys, I've been lurking around for a bit and decided it was time to introduce myself :D. I was just waiting for my NYC permit to come in, and it did today! I'm looking forward in buying my first glock, but I'm stuck between the 9mm and 40. I know that some 9mm have ejection problems and I have read that some 40cal Have been known to ( kaboom). Some input would be appreciated.

    Thank you guys for your time.
  2. runman

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    Welcome, congrats on your permit! I'm 2 months in waiting on mine to show up. I have a gen 3 G19 and have had zero problems. Great gun - easy to shoot and relatively cheap ammo to train with. I'm sure more opinions will come along soon.

  3. dutchs

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    WELCOME alinero! I have a G23, never a drop of problem! Enjoy the forum.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
  5. Welcome to the forum ... ;)
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    Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on getting that permit! I have the 9mm Glocks and the hubs has the .40 cals. You can't go wrong with either one. All of them are great shooters. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  7. chief203

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    I have a G19 and G26. I've only had occasional problems when using standard ammo. A few FTE's but not many at all. But with +P or +P+ ammo, nothing. They love high power ammo. Welcome. I'd get the 9mm for cheapness of ammo and more rounds in gun.
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    Welcome alinero.. Congrats on your NYC permit. My Westchester permit took 6 months, for target only...

    Love both of my G19 Gen3s. Not a problem with either. Enjoy the forum. Good people here..
  9. Welcome to the forum, congrats on the permit!!!! :)
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    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome and congrats on getting the permit