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Hello from NW Indiana

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Hello everyone!

I love my Glock 22, which I purchased back in July(last year). During an 8 month span of police training a few years ago, I trained with the Glock 22s, so my choice to purchase one was pretty cut and dry.

I also own a Remington Model 552 .22 rifle, and a Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 rifle.

I look forward to talking with some of you!
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I like you already! From Indiana, likes Glocks, and likes Mustangs.
Nice cars in you avatar! Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome to the forum. Great place to hang. Have fun.
Thanks for the warm welcomes!

I am a connoisseur of Mustangs, specifically Foxbodys(I was born in that decade). Between my father and I, we own 5 Mustangs: '69 Coupe, '69 Grande, two 85 GTs, and an '87 convertible.
Though I only own 1 I had in the past 64 1/2, 66, 71, 87, 90 and this 07. It my favorite. Added cams last summer. Very cool.
I saw the pic of it that you had posted in another thread...Very nice! Love the color.
That's where the name on the side comes's called Grabber Orange. A throwback color from 1970 on the Mustang. It's a keeper!
Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
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