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  1. Found this site afew weeks ago. I'm in northeast Illinois. Just outside Crook county, oops! Cook county, about 40 miles NW of Chicago.
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    Welcome! I think you'll like it here!

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    Welcome holtzd56!
  4. I am from Cook County myself as well. Man do we get shafted in Illinois.
  5. You guys are still allowed to own guns? All kidding aside, don't get locked up in Cook County lol
  6. I am sitting here waiting patiently for CCW to be allowed haha
  7. Grab a comfy chair and a nice stock pile of beer it's going to be a while lol. I despise crossing into IL when I head up to MI. I work in Law Enforcement under government contract so I'm nationally entitled to carry, but exercising that right in IL means constantly wasting my time fighting with the police and making phone calls to prove my right. It's easier to put it in the trunk and try not to stop if I don't have too.

    I don't know how you guys live there.
  8. To be honest, its not too bad for somewhere to live. What makes it bad is our state government/laws etc.
  9. One day at a time lol.

    Besides the no CCW laws, no high cap mags in cook county, no automatics, no silencers, its not all that bad. I say that because at least they still let us have hand canons an high cap mags in central Illinois :D.
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    I use to live in Illinois and I moved to Florida thank God. I heard Wisconsin just allowed CCW so that would be an option for a place to move to hell the border line is just pass Gurnee which is about 20min from downtown Chicago if I move back I might move to Wisconsin
  11. WI opened up CCW and adopted laws combined between MI and FL, two of the best states for CCW regulations.
  12. Ive lived here in IL my entire life and as I get older I see how JACKED UP this state really is! I cant wait to move. And you can actually conceal carry in IL its just super difficult to do...
  13. Ya, as a cop or illegally....
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    Welcome to the forums. I live in Indiana not an extreme distance from Cook county and I refuse to travel there without a very good reason. It's nice to go to Chicago for training, seminars, or the museum. Great to take the kids on the docks. Going unarmed because of the draconian laws? Not so much.
  15. Na, you can legally get what they call a PERC (Permanent Employee Registration Card) card.

    Mostly used by private security firms. But you have to take and pay for a class....either way Illinois gun laws are bull****!
  16. the PERC, to the best of my knowledge, has to be requested through a current employer and only applies to on duty. It can not be used as a CCW by any means off duty (don;t think it can be concealed at all at work either) and the employer is legally responsible for returning the card and/or reporting when you are no longer employed.

    Not really a solution, and abusing it will only lead to even less gun law progress.
  17. You personally can apply for it, it doesnt have to be through anyway employer. And yes you can conceal. I used to work for the state and have had several friends / former coworkers who have their perc cards. That doesnt however mean to get it and abuse it flipintly. (not you specifically )
  18. Well not me I don't need it :D

    I'm interested mostly for a friend who lives in IL. I'll have to look into that.
  19. Yeah ufortunatly your friend and I are both in an a$$ backwards crook of a state owned by unions and libs
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!