Hello from new mexico(state next to texas, yes its in the US)

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    Hey everybody just thought I'd introduce myself from new Mexico it is an open carry state but i recently shot and qualified for my CCW been a glock owner for about 3 almost 4 years own a model 22 Gen 3 love that pistol i have put thousands of rounds through it no problems with it love glocks
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Eman72!

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  6. What part of NM do you live in. I use to live in Gallup
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    Hello (again!) Eman72!

    Funny title you got there, nice one!

    Too bad NM cancelled recognition of the FL CCW permit, kinda sucky. Got any pics of your Glock that you want to share?

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    Hey Eman72 Welcome to the Forum! I am originally from Lea County NM! Yeah you guys have a ways to go getting rid of the Richardson Reign but you have a Good Gov and hopefully you can un do his stupid stuff like we did after Sis Nepalatano did to us! Enjoy the Forum!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Eman72 !!

    Been to New Mexico more than a few times...

    Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns.

    Beautiful state...!!
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    Thanks all I used to live in the southeastern part of the state around Carlsbad smaller village of loving was where i grew up I currently reside in Las cruces I do have pics of my glock just haven't had time to post maybe some other time.