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  1. Hello all,

    first post here - ive always had an interest in handguns but never took a class to learn proper technique and form. I recently signed up for a class that will take place in early may.

    Once I complete the class, I expect to purchase a Glock 19 for SD because of reliability.. although ive yet to shoot one.. so needless to say im excited to get started!

    Anyone recommend gun ranges or shops in the area? I live in the Blaine/Lino Lakes/Forest Lake area..

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    Hello, Destron, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Good luck on your class, and your first Glock purchase. Keep us informed!


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    Welcome to the Forum Destron. I think you'll find it just as informative as I have. The G19 was my first purchase also, and I couldn't be more pleased.
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    Welcome to the forum !!! You in the right place for such info. You will get great advice and feedbacks. This is where I gained my knowledge from. Enjoy your stay with us. This forum has great Men and Women that are willing to help you out. Good luck with your class and your future purchase of a G19. Hope to see you around.... :)
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    You're in for a great experience!
    Welcome to the forum. You'll find it's a great spot for tips, answers (not always the right ones:eek:) and help.
  6. Welcome from the st cloud area. there are tons of shops in your area. I used to do alot of shooting at bill's gunshop and range, and I have found alot of recources for guns for sale and classes at http://www.mnguntalk.com/ for us MN guys.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum destron !!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Looking forward to learning lots here.. expect a few questions coming your way!

    Bills is about 10 minutes away from my house but I've never been inside. I suppose its about time I stop in and check them out. Are they represented on the forum?

    Thanks again

  9. I don't know about here, but on the MN forum, there are quite a few guys that either work there or have memberships
  10. Just joined that forum as well - thanks! :D
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    Welcome fellow Minnesooootan doncha ya know eh! I have heard better things about Bill's in Robbinsdale and have had a great experience the couple times that I have been there. I usually shoot down at Burnsville Pistol since its close and cheap.