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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by seant09, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. seant09

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    Hi All,

    Long time lurker on the forums here and finally decided to sign up. I grew up around guns and it wasn't until roughly 12 years ago when I got married that I sort of went away from shooting and owning. My wife wasn't a big fan of them to say the least. Recently though, I started to get back into it when I went to the range with a buddy of mine who has a Glock 23 Gen 4. The juices started flowing again and after months and months of disagreements (and lots of bugging) my wife finally caved so I went out and bought me a pistol. I ended up going with the Glock 19 Gen 3. I just liked the feel of the 3 over the Gen 4.

    I look forward to joining in on the discussions and below are a few pics.

  2. jimmyalbrecht

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    Welcome to the forum! And nice weapon! Next time, you have to make the purchase all about her. You say: "Honey I need one in the house for our own protection. While this pistol is mighty fine for when we get in a pinch, a larger weapon would enable me to protect your life much better." Then you get another, larger gun haha.

  3. MiguelAngel

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    Welcome to the forum!
  4. seant09

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    Thanks! It's funny you say that because I did try going that route and it didn't work.....at first. It wasn't until my in-laws went out and got themselves a Sig P226 (father-in-law), Glock 26 (mother-in-law), and Walther P22 that she decided to give in a little. She's come around a lot since I made the purchase and even went out to the range with me. I think she feels more comfortable now after learning more about them and shooting it. Below is the first time she's ever shot anything and she did really well. She said she enjoyed it so that's a good sign for the future....haha!

  5. Happysniper1

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    Hello, Seant09, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Congratulations on your purchase of an outstanding weapon there, and sad to hear about the homefront resistance. A number of the other Members on the board have gone thru the same thing, and can give helpful hints on how to overcome;)

    Again, WELCOME!
  6. corkey

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    Hello and welcome. Glad to see someone else from Michigan. That gun range looks familiar.
  7. seant09

    seant09 New Member

    Thanks Corkey. That's at Double Action in Madison Heights.
  8. corkey

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    Yup I was right. I just was there about 2 weeks ago. I shoot at CQT in Shelby twp. mostly.
  9. seant09

    seant09 New Member

    How is CQT? I've never shot there but live right down the street in the north part Sterling Heights (Hall and Schoenherr area). I usually go to Double Action because that's where I bought my pistol so I get half off range time for 6 months but when that runs out I'd like to go someplace a little closer to my house.
  10. corkey

    corkey New Member

    It's not bad smaller then Double Action but it is clean and the people who work there are nice. Also it's close to my house Macomb (21 & Card)
  11. seant09

    seant09 New Member

    Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be checking it out. Heck, you're right down the street from me. I have a buddy that lives right over there off of Catalpa.
  12. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum seant09 !!
  13. Oddball Gunner

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    Hi there, welcome. West MI here. My sister's near Warren and I used to live up in Romeo. I get out that way once in a while. Maybe have to hook up and shoot s**t.

    Same story as you, except it took a crime committed to my oldest daughter before my wife relented.

    Anyway.. nice weapon. :)
  14. seant09

    seant09 New Member

    Thanks oddball! I'm up in Romeo often....was just there a few weeks ago at the high school for my sons wrestling tournament. Next time you're in the area we can definitely hook up and blow some holes in stuff :)

    Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope everything turned out ok.
  15. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    Will do....

    My daughter's coping. One guy got 11-40yrs. Waiting for the trial of the other guy, end of this month. I think once he's sentenced, she'll be doing better.

    ...me on the other hand.. well, that's why go exercise my 30SF alot. :)