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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sean_ma, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. sean_ma

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    Never had a gun before never fired one before, read this site a good few times. Ended up with a Glock 19 Gen 3 :). Shot almost 800 rounds this past month. love this gun, don't know why I never had one before.

    Like breaking it down, was scared of the other pistols since they were so complex,.well for me it is!
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    Welcome to the Forum Sean . My son owns a 19 Gen 3 he likes it. I've put a few rounds though it nice piece ...I just prefer something will a little more punch than a 9 mm so I went with the .40 cal 23 Gen 4.


  3. sean_ma

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    Thanks! Yer seeing it is my first time I settled for a 9mm. Don't think I can handle a larger caliber just yet, maybe in the future once i'm proficient enough. Still surprised how easy it I'd to buy ammo. Thought I'd just buy 100 rounds first at the local sports store. And the guy next to me bought 300 rounds. Its like candy?!?
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    You'll find it's cheaper to purchase in bulk 500 or 1,000 round lots practice ammo. I've bought on-line from Cheaper Than Dirt and Natchez both practice ammo and personal defense ammo. Look for dealer on factor brand non-reload rounds. I use federal premium full metal jacket ball for target and hydro shock hollow points for personal defense. Don't need that much personal defense ammo.
  5. sean_ma

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    Thanks for the tips. Since going to the range its so easy to chew through them in just one hour :) I'll check the sites out. Thanks again.
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    Hello, Sean_ma, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Congratulations on your G19! Now you see what all the hype was about!

    Yep, buying ammo will become a significant expense eventually, and you did good in getting a 9mm (cheaper that .40SW or .45ACP)!

    Have fun shooting, and again, WELCOME!
  7. Welcome to the forum and good choice my friend!!!!
  8. Which range do you shoot at?

    I wouldn't call myself a regular at Top Gun, but Top Gun is my regular range.
  9. sean_ma

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    Hi all,

    Yep the glock 19 is a dream for me. Very accurate at the range when I squeeze slowly. Just need to perfect it.

    Thanks for the kind introductions.

    I normally get my rounds from academy in Houston. Prices are just above 21 dollars for 100 Winchester target rounds. Not bad? But Web it's slightly cheaper that I can see. So hopefully buy some from cheap as dirt.

    When I get the chance to go to the range. I go to Top Gun in Houston. Only place I know other than the one in Katy, TX.. Best time to go is early evenings on the weekdays at the top gun range. Weekends you'll have long waiting times :)

    Strange but I feel safe in that gun range. Haha.. Still tons to learn..

    But I know I can learn alot from this forum :)
  10. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    Welcome from VA :)
    I'm a g19 fan as well ( I love 'em all but g19 is my fav )
    Anyway glad ur here.
  11. Just watch out for buying reloads (Top Gun doesn't allow reloads) and watch out for shipping prices: ammo isn't light, and those savings you see online can disappear with shipping costs.

    Top Gun is alright, it's one of the larger/cleaner indoor ranges, but there are cheaper ranges out there. Also, there are ranges with excellent gun stores and prices, which TG is not. TG's staff leave a lot to be desired too.

    Do you live closest to TG? If you're willing to drive, there are other cheaper (yet older) indoor ranges, some outdoor ranges where you can bring multiple guns for the day.

    Top Gun attracts more middle/upper class shooters (location and high prices) some of the others may feel less safe due to the age and experience/skill level of their clientele...

    Oh yeah.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum sean_ma !!
  13. sean_ma

    sean_ma New Member

    Thanks everyone, i'm glad to be here.

    Top gun is a little pricey, but then again that's the only place I've been to haha. So clueless about prices !

    I'll look around.

    Just bought a crimson trace laser, its just the simple rail mount version for around $120. hoping it'll help perfect my aim.

    All I can say is at this rate, I might need to remortgage the house haha kidding. Okay I'll leave you all be. Might start to put my threads somewhere else :) nice!
  14. MiguelAngel

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    Welcome to the forum!!
  15. If you have mechanical problems with your grip or trigger pull, a laser will not help correct it.

    If you're new to shooting, a basic skills course will help get you started.
  16. sean_ma

    sean_ma New Member

    I learnt all the safety and basics. But noticed that on some shots i'm still pulling the pistol slightly off on a few. Have to Get my grip sorted out and squeeze very slowly to correct. I wanted to get a laser to help see what i'm doing wrong with the pull and be able to correct. Bit premature but I thought I'd get a laser sooner or later. Thanks for the tips.

    I just hope I get better, but will take time. as I don't want rounds just flying down range out of sheer fun haha. One day I'll be accurate like you pros :) right now pretty okay at around 25 feet. But after that its pretty embarrassing..
  17. Happysniper1

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    This might help:

    With your shooting hand wrapped around the grip, push out from the shoulder (imagine there is no gun, and you are punching the bad guy).

    With your support hand, wrap 4 fingers UNDERNEATH the trigger guard, planting the fingertips and wrapping the hand back towards you. Do not squeeze your support hand, you will only tire faster and have muscle tremors, instead, pull back towards you with your fingertips planted, thumbs of both hands together on the same side of the pistol. This will have two effects: it increases pressure on your shooting hand-to-grip, without further exertion of the shooting hand, AND it tends to pull the pistol back towards you....but since you are already pushing OUT from the shoulder with your shooting hand, the push-pull stabilizes the pistol.

    Support the weight of the gun with your shooting hand, adjust the aim with your support hand.

    And if you are doing the so-called cup-and-saucer, then ya gotta get all of us a cup of coffee! (-just kidding). Cup-and-saucer was fine years ago, with revolvers. Not now.

    Hope that helps!
  18. sean_ma

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    I'll try that! I think i'm putting more force on the support hand. Near the end I do notice a little tremor, probably why my arms are getting a little tired. But then again never had to lift something in front of me like that for a prolonged period. Also I tend to anticipate the snap and maybe flinch a little at strange times. Maybe 10% of the time weird.

    Probably try at the end of this week :) when my job doesn't take up too much time.

    Thanks again, I know its a pain to reply long tips like that to a noob!

    Really appreciate it, I know that you can never learn enough.

    I guess i'm also trying to get used to the sight picture as well at different ranges too quick. I'll stick to one range for now until I get it spot on and then move on.

    Just can't help it! Always curious on how I do at different ranges :) maybe too quick before i'm stable on the hold.

    I guess i'm pretty okay at short range. But I do get a little more distracted when there is a AR 15 or a 1911 in the lane next to me haha.
    Pretty loud! Compared to my 9mm.

    Thanks Sir!
  19. Happysniper1

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    Hey, Sean_ma, no problem.

    We are all here to both learn and give advise, and over here it's like family: we may occasionally quarrel (that's why the Mods and Admins are there) but in the end, all one happy family!

    Cheers, bro!
  20. neem19

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    Welcome to the site! Lots of good info on here for beginners. I'm on the other side of the city and there are a couple of ranges over here but not anything like TG. I like a good ol' outdoor range though. Anyway, once again Welcome!