Hello from Guatemala

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TheCrow, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. TheCrow

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    Hello everybody greetings from Guatemala!
  2. Dark Knight

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    Welcome to the forum..

  3. Danzig

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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !
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    Welcome and Glock on!
  6. ZombieNinja

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    Are you an expat or guatemala citizen?
    Thought about living there might visit this spring?? Any advice??
  7. chuckds

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    Welcome to GF!

    I really like your dip.
  8. LoL! You sound like Uncle Si!
  9. Gun_Aficionado

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    Welcome! I have visited Guatemala many times... Pana, Antigua, Guatemala City...

    Used to go in August.

    Bienvenido, Chapin...
  10. Bienvenido Amigo,
  11. TheCrow

    TheCrow New Member

    Hey,Zombie....Guatemalan Citizen, living in Gua...

    Advice ... The best I can offer is just keep your eyes open... As in any place in Central or South America if you are not latin you will stand out, so just try as much as you can to blend in.... Dont be "flashy", money, cameras and stuff.... And you will be fine.... If you want additional info just let me know and I woulf gladly help as much as i can ;) let me tell you... You are in for a treat coming to guatemala, thats for sure!
  12. TheCrow

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    Gracias Amigo
  13. ZombieNinja

    ZombieNinja New Member

    That's good advice any place and at all times. That being said, I guess I'm wondering how they feel about gringos?? I've heard that weapons are very expensive there also. Are you restricted to non military calibers?
  14. TheCrow

    TheCrow New Member

    Well gringos are very much welcome down here so that's not an issue.... Weapons are expensive for instance I just bought my very first Glock 22 3rd gen ... At $1500 usd......... And restricted not quite, see there are some that are restricted but to a carry permit,if you want to have it at your home .... You can....
  15. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
  16. ZombieNinja

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    Well that's good to know. I hear the weather and mountain climate is incredible as well as the people. Nice exchange rate for the quetzal too. Sorry if I misspelled that.