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    Hey all,

    Shooter from Connecticut here. I'm a Police Officer in CT, also a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserves - Intelligence Officer with 12 yrs in with 2 combat tours after 9/11. Served as Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence Officer with various Special Operations units/task forces, and as a Reserve CI Officer with NCIS.

    Love to shoot and compete in USPSA Limited and Production Divisions (sometimes L-10).

    Currently shooting a Para-Ordnance P16-40, but shot Glocks for years and still do. Carry them on/off duty.

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    Zipper046, welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the forum!!!!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum zipper046 !!
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    Welcome. Great place for tips.
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    Connecticut went downhill

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  7. Welcome Zipper. Thank you for your service. I'm a retired MMC(SW) & 9 yrs LEO. Great, friendly & wise forum you have joined.
    Set them straight up there in CT.
    Your new forum friend in Virginia greets you with thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums... :salute:
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !
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    Welcome from IL and thank you for your service
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    Welcome from Fl

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