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Hello everybody

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I was asked by happysniper to make this!

I'm from SC. I was issued a Glock for work 12 years ago and stuck with them them ever since. Glock .23s to be exact, which is also my primary weapon of choice if I had to pick just ONE gun to own.
I conceal carry a S&W Airweight 38 special or a S&W Bodyguard 380 because of their small size and light weight. Even compared to the little baby glocks. If Glock came out with a smaller pocket pistol I would stop carrying both smiths and maybe sell them for it.

Currently looking into getting a Gen4 baby Glock .27
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Welcome Jeeper! Hey, have you seen the "Mighty FC" concept yet...

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Welcome to the forum! That S&W Airweight is a pretty cool little revolver!
Jeepers and guns. That is a perfect match in my world. Welcome!
That's cool other 'jeepers' are here! Mines an 08' JKU!
I miss my ZJ. The Storm Trooper. Used to get pulled over constantly for driving without doors. It seems they don't see GC's doing that every day :D


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Welcome!!! I have a jeep as my weekend/summer toy


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Jeeper here too...2001 WJ Grand Cherokee Laredo!

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What part of SC are you from? I live in the Spartanburg area. I also am a Jeep fanatic. 89 yj. Lifted etc etc. we love to go wheeling and shooting. I love my glock. G27

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Welcome to the Glock Forum! Stick around, you will like it here!
Welcome to the forum!!!
See, Jeeper, your intro has turned into a Jeep thread! What fun!

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