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Hello All

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Hope everyone is doing well and is taking someone out to shoot! Guys & Gals my name is Michael im as green as it gets fresh out of a gunsmithing course, this was something I did for personal enrichment not for a change in career. Im a security systems integrator presently and do everything from install flir & ip cameras to buried detecting cable to writting security protocal for leo's. Im on my fourth Glock which is a G3 22, with plenty in between. I also have a custom built 1911 and a Sig m400. After you learn a thing or two about a weapons internals, it becomes easier to tell the trash from the companies that generally care about the product they put out for the consumer. Glock is such a great line as im sure you all already know. You dont really need any formal training to know theyre great guns. Well, I look forward to reading in from time to time and throwing my .02 in when I can. Thanks and have a good one.
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Welcome to the forum mrhix
Welcome from Tampa, Florida
Welcome from NC!
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