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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cbmarine, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. cbmarine

    cbmarine Semper Fi

    Hello from the "may issue" state of Maryland. Handle "cbmarine" is combo of my initials and status (as in Retired). Semper Fi. You can figure I must have a Glock cuz I'm joining this forum.
  2. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Welcome cbmarine!! If you want to PM HAVASU and he'll get you in our military forum!! Thank you for your service Marine!! Welcome

  3. GAgal

    GAgal Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forum Marine and thank you for your service. This is a great community and I hope you enjoy ourself here.
  4. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Welcome to the Glock Forum!
    Stick around, you will like it here!
  5. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    Welcome from Tampa, Florida
  6. Ranger45

    Ranger45 Senior Member

    Welcome from NC, and thanks for your service!