hello all from Washington

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  1. Hey y'all, lookin forward to learnin more about the glock. i have been eyein once since i think i was 17 or 18. my dad is a sherrif and i have absolutly loved the way the glocks look and feel. i have been lookin on gettin a g23, since i live out in the tulyberries lol. can not wait to get one though. hopefully next paycheck or so, i will go get my cwp and get that out of the way. can not wait to learn about everything you guys will have to offer a newb. have a great day y'all.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum glockit1 !!

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    Welcome glockit1! What does you Dad use on duty?
  4. i believe its a g40 i think. i can't remember its been a while since i saw the side of her. but ever since i have wanted once since i held it. but i would also like to be able to carry it when in town or in my rig. mainly around my house since we have a lot of bear, cougar and everything else. and also just to be able to get at something in a hurry, instead of runnin into the house and grabbing my shotgun lol. but ever since i could remember i loved the look of that gun. lol now its my turn to own my own glock when i get enough money lol.
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    Welcome to the forum! By saying g40 did you mean .40 caliber glock. As in a model 22 or 23? The model 23 is one of the go to guns for most glock owners who want a .40 caliber as it is small enough to conceal yet large enough to allow most people to be able to fill their hand with it. The 19 and 23 are the exact same size and the only real differences are the barrel, extractor and ejector. I would like to point out that if you need to fight off a bear it would be best to get something in 10mm form as it is the same diameter as a .40 but is more powerful. ( more charge)
  6. Welcome to the Glock Forum !
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    Hello, Glockit1, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    uh....Glock 40? Please elaborate. I'd recommend an elaboration, before somebody gets it in his head to give you a hard time about it. We want you to feel welcome in the family! :D

  9. i meant to say that its the 45 caliber lol. or the standard issue for police sidearms. and thanks for all of the welcome's y'all. i already feel at home lol.
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    Standard police issue for the .45 is a Glock model 21
    Standard police issue for the .40 is a Glock model 22 and some use the model 23
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum glockit1!
  12. thanks keenans. i think it is a g21. maybe a g22. cant quite remember the modle. but i do know its a .45 cal.
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    Howdy Glockit1. Plenty here to keep you reading for a while.

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    [​IMG] I lived in WA once ( '96-'03 )
  15. thanks for the welcomes y'all. i cant wait to read more about the g23, which will hopefully be my first glock.
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    Welcome to the forum Glockit1. Lots of great information and exsperienced Glockers on this Forum.
  17. thanks lee. cant wait till i get enough money to get a glock