heat wear to glock 26???

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by G26Drummer, Mar 9, 2012.

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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]So I picked up my new CCW the Glock 26 and took it to the range for the first time. Performed perfectly, I absolutely love this gun. However when I got it home, and took it apart for cleaning I discovered some very slight discoloration on the inner (metal) rail and the firing pin housing. It was not a cleaning issue as I spent a long time using solvent and a wire brush. It's a faint red color. Is it possible this is just the black paint wearing off from heat damage during the break in period or is this something to be concerned about? I provided a picture so you can see what I mean.

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  2. Boracay

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    Perhaps its the Copper Paste Lubricant from the factory.. Looks like rusty. I might be wrong tho :(

    **A well lit close up picture would be great..

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    I can't really tell from this picture. A picture with better lighting would be better.
  4. Way to post the same recommendation...
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    I did not read the first comment. I just read the post and selected reply from the menu bar on my phone.
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    sorry guys these were the best I could get with the camera I have ( iphone) I thought it might be the packing lubricant but wouldn't I have been able to clean it off? I only put about 20 rounds through it so far. Thanks for any input.

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  7. I can see what you are talking about...

    You said this was a brand new gun correct? If so, I would probably call Glock and see what they say.
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    It's possibly the copper lube that heated up to a point it stained the metal? I'm our Dept. armorer and honestly can't remember ever seeing this particular issue. I'm sticking with the copper lube is probably the culprit and it got heated enough to put a 'stain' on the inside...

    If it really bothers you call Glock and or take it to where you bought it.
  9. G26Drummer

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    After doing a lot of research I'm betting it is the copper anti seize that glock puts on the gun. I've just never seen that before as this is my first glock. I've read that after shooting it eventually wears off. If it's just a stain or discoloration I am fine with that, as long as it's not rust or anything else that might be a problem. Thanks for the input dudes.
  10. Best of luck to ya! I am kind of anal about my stuff and expect it to be in excellent condition if I buy brand new things. I hope its just a temporary thing that disappears after some time. Let us know how it works out for you...
  11. kodiak

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    It's hard to tell at this point if it was copper lube, or the wire brush you were using stripping the finish. In the future use a nylon brush and solvent if required.
  12. rivalarrival

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    The C5A (the copper anti seize they're using) can be pretty tough to clean off. It seems to get into everything, but it won't harm the gun. I picked up some and applied it and I can feel a significant difference in the feel of the slide compared to just using CLP for lube.

    C5A did wonders for the slide of my TCP. The downside is that it's very messy. I packed it in small syringes and apply about 1/10th of a milliliter to a gun.

    If anyone wants some at cost, PM me.
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    My G27 had the same thing. It's rust. I cleaned it off with a phosphor bronze brush and bore solvent, once it was gone I wiped those areas down with Ballistol oil, let the oil soak in, wiped it dry, wiped it with oil again, then wiped it relatively dry again. The rust hasn't returned.

    It's much more clearly visible if you use a cool white LED light to look at it. From what I understand, Glock did the case hardening treatment to the slide which involves a dip in a salt bath, and they didn't thoroughly rinse the salts off of the slide before they applied the finish.
  14. G26Drummer

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    After another range trip the discoloring is gone, looks like it was just the copper lube from Glock. At least it wasn't rust, thanks everyone. BTW this gun is incredibly accurate, glad I went with the G26.
  15. SHOOTER13

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    Where did you buy the C5A anti-seize lube paste ?

    How much did it cost and what amount did you get for that price ?


  16. Cowboy08

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    I've caught flak for this but I use high-temp wheel bearing grease. Never had a problem with it gumming up or the alleged dirt/residue/dust builup.
    It all but eliminates galling and runs much cooler. :)
  17. rivalarrival

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    Amazon.com has it from several sellers. Search for "Loctite C5A"

    The price varies quite a bit. Seems the best price on a 1-ounce tube, 4-ounce tube, 8-ounce can or 1lb can was about $9, regardless of the size. I was just looking for a little tube of the stuff, but since the price was the same when I ordered, I picked up a 1-lb can.

    It's not really a paste; it's a little thinner than bearing grease in consistency.

    PM'ing you...
  18. nyycanseco33

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    ^^^ This :)

    I bought the 8 ounce can to use when I work on AR's and Glocks for myself, friends, etc... Amazon has it cheap and it is good quality (Loctite makes great reliable products)
  19. iamthedood

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    I've seen it before, and believe 100% it's just the copper colored factory lube.