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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by SHOOTER13, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. SHOOTER13

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    What does everyone here use for hearing protection at the gun range...?!

    I use the Surefire EP-4 Sonic Defender Plus system...


    EP4 Sonic Defenders® Plus protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations. Their triple-flange stem design fits larger ear canals and provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24dB. Sounds, at safe levels, are allowed to pass through into the ear canal, while potentially harmful noises (above 85dB) are reduced to safe levels via a proprietary design that incorporates the patented Hocks Noise Braker® filter. EP4s include attached stopper plugs, which can be inserted for further protection and blocking out lower-level noise, like that heard on a plane, where hearing ambient sounds or conversations isn't critical. The right/left color-coded Sonic Defenders Plus are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer and are ergonomically shaped, with an adjustable-stem design, providing a secure fit, all-day comfort, and extended product life (3 to 6+ months, depending on usage and care). And their low-profile design means they can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask, or while using a phone or headset. Available in clear or black.
  2. Happysniper1

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    Howard Leight Impact Sport. Electronic, low-profile, does the job well for me. When teaching on a live line at the range, it is important that I be able to hear all normal volume sounds (once caught a squib load in a student's gun with these!).

    Check 'em out: http://www.howardleight.com/ear-muffs/impact-sport--2

  3. Ear plugs dont do a damn thing for me. So I use the same thing I use at the drag strip when the pro's come to town and thats Ear Muffs. Love em and I have 2 pairs. I plan to get some Glock ones if I can find some for a good price.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    That's the brand name of my eye protection...
  5. I was thinking about getting those but didn't know for sure how well they would dampen the shot sound.

    So I have these http://www.midwayusa.com/product/524517/midwayusa-ultimate-10-earmuffs-by-peltor-nrr-30db-black. I use those when I shoot my g21 and desert eagle .50ae and they work just fine.
  6. SHOOTER13

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    They dampen the noise of a firearm shot very well...

    yet you can still hear the RO commands. Plus you can completely

    cut off any sound with the attached plugs that go into the Hocks

    Noise Break Filter. I would never recommend what I myself would not use.
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  7. jonm61

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    I use electronic ear muffs. I don't remember the brand name off hand and I'm too lazy right now to go dig them out of my range bag. :) They work well though. You can hear everything until someone shoots or there's another noise above a certain dB level, then it cuts all sound.

    Ok, here they are. Caldwell ES-85s. NRR 27dB, they block anything over 85dB
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  8. Well on that note then I will have to get a pair in the near future.
  9. KeenansGarage

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    I normally wear a pair of electronic ear muffs from Bass Pro Shops (used a gift card on them). I also use the foam ear plug inserts a lot! I never shoot without ear protection..I want to keep my hearing for many years...
  10. SHOOTER13

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    Huh ?!...

    Just jokin' ;)
  11. Happysniper1

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    I've tried several of the (lower cost) electronic earmuffs, and noticed one thing they all had in common: sound suppression, not sound compression. When a certain dB of sounds comes in (like a gunshot), they cut off completely. Not so the Howed Leights that I use, they cut out the higher tonal values, leaving lower tone sounds normal, which is what you want to happen. Plus, I really like that these are low-profile...do not interfere with sighting a rifle or shotgun!

    Normally like $50-60 each, got these at the Grand Opening Inaugural of Cabela's in Reno, for $19.99 each. Snagged me a bunch for the whole family!

    You can find 'em here:
  12. glocknloaded

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    Iam currently using Howard Leight by sperian that I picked up from my local shop.

    They are the first ones I have ever purchased so I have nothing to compare them to but the work great are comfortable and so far I love them

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  13. rivalarrival

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    If it's just service-caliber pistols (9mm, 38spl, .40, .45, etc) on the range, the foam earplugs do me just fine. When the guys start bringing out the cannons, I'll throw on a set of earmuffs instead of or in addition to the plugs.

    The cheap sound-suppressing earmuffs work fine with just a few guns on the range. When we get more than 3 or 4 people shooting at once, I usually just turn them off.
  14. Webphisher

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    Just ordered a pair of those ear muffs, was waiting to find something that suppressed and not shut off.
  15. Shooting98

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    I might have try out the Surefire EP4.
  16. SHOOTER13

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    I think you'll like them Shooting98...
  17. Webphisher

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    Happy, my Impacts just came, and they are sweet!
  18. las4wo

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    I got the Caldwell's. They work great for the price!
  19. SquadCapt4

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    Allen Low Profile Sound Sensor. I've tried several different brands, from ear plugs to ear muffs. Allen's has a good combination of both worlds. Great suppression but still hear the people around you talking.

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  20. kodiak

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    ^^^ Those look very interesting

    I'm using MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X. Been very happy with them so far.

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