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HD Video on Field Stripping an AR15

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I made a HD video with detailed instructions and good close up, etc. on
and got a lot of requests for the same thing for the AR15. Hope you find this helpful and something you could share with folks just getting into the AR15 platform.

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The AR15 featured in the video is a Daniel Defense M4(V1).

It has:
An Aimpoint CompM4 Optic
A BCM Warfighter Charging Handle
A MAKO GL Shock Stock with cheek riser
A Battlecomp compensator
Nice videos! Keep up the good work! I have all ways read that the rotating bolt in the desert eagle is the same bolt in the AR's and because of this video I see that. Its a massive bolt for a hand gun lol.
Thanks, glad you liked it. I did not know that about the desert eagle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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