Have you ever had a "Kaboom" with your Glock?

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  1. Here is a great link explaining KB's: http://www.thegunzone.com/glock/glock-kb-faq.html

    I am asking because I had one in my G23 gen 4 and it really spooked me. When it happened, it blew the pistol out of my hands, blew out the magazine, and knocked the slide off the runners (but it stayed on the frame). Stung pretty good for a few minutes but I've still got all my fingers so no lasting harm done. Scared the crap out of me, though.

    I've shot several thousand rounds in the gun, almost all being factory reloads (BVAC, MBI, etc.).

    My KB happened while shooting BVAC 180 gr FMJ through a stock barrel. After much research, I am now shooting a KKM replacement barrel and have shot about 800 rounds through it with zero problems.

    Guess I trying to figure out how often this really happens, and circumstances, so would appreciate your data if this happened to you, I'd like to know ammo type, damage to you and/or gun, and barrel info of you'd not mind. Thanks!

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    Oh ****. I hope that never happens while i'm operating my weapon. Thanks for the link by the way.
  3. Further clarify, I've been a Glock owner for two years, and I own G19, 23, &26 models. Love them all and have shot over 10K rounds total.

    Maybe to put this in perspective, if you've shot many thousands of rounds and never experienced a KB, that would be useful to put things in perspective as well. Thanks!!
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    Wow.... Er should I be scared? That's scary.
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    This is a good example of why not to use 180gr bullets in .40. http://www.greent.com/40Page/ammo/40/180gr.htm

    As far as being worried, no you shouldn't. This is an extremely rare occurrence. If you're using factory new ammo, it's likely that you'll never hear of it, much less experience one. Using factory reloads, it's only marginally more likely.

    There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who shoot .40 Glocks every day and never have a problem.

    That kB article is old. I don't remember exactly how old, but well over a decade old. Enjoy your Glocks and don't worry about them failing, because the odds you'll have a problem, while not zero, are infinitesimal.
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    I check or "proof" all the ammo I reload with a case gauge to help keep that from happening. If the bullet sets flush in the gauge head it will also set flush in your barrel.

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    I have probably shot hundreds of thousands of Rounds through Glock Fire Arms in the last 20+ Years and I have never had one happen to me nor have I known anyone who it has happened to.
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    I would like to see the pics....
  9. Here are pics of the shell case and powder burn marks on my hands

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    Ouch, what did the barrel look like?
  11. No harm came to the gun itself. Shell case was stuck and had to be extracted with a rod, but no damage that had to be fixed.
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    I had one with factory reloads i was un aware of this. the gun held up quite well . rattled my hands and my nerves and split the barrel. sent it back to glock they fixed every thing . still not sure it wasnt due to a frame recal the rail guides broke. I did have to pay for the barrel but 150 smal price to pay for basiclly a new gun.Only complate they replaced my 3.5connector with 8LB one . replaced with LWD 3.5 little polish and have 3.5 pull great service and a good gun
  13. Roger, what model Glock were you shooting? Thanks
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    2002 gen 3 glock 21. there had been a frame recall but i had not sent it in for the "upgrade" it was a rail issue. not sure if this had any thing to do with the kaboom. they blamed it on the factory reloads they were FMJ 230 grain
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    Is there a website with Glock serial numbers that have recalls?
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    i cant find it right now but if you serial number stats with E call glock they can tell you what to do . I still think thats why mine blew up. any way i got my glock rebuilt every thing but the slide total rebuilt. i was disapointed they put a 8 lb connector but wa easy fix did a new style lone wolf LWD
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    My Glock 41 Gen 4 kaboomed!

    I can honestly say, it was probably the ammo's fault. I bought some .45 ammo from my local gun range's pro shop. It was not labeled as reloads, but turns out, it was. They called it "factory reloads". Anyway, my fairly new Glock, which had only shot around 300 rounds through it, kaboomed on the 99th round (out of 100) from this package of ammo. It's a strange sensation when this happens. It doesn't really hurt, more like scares you. I didn't know what just happened. ***? The magazine and small parts of my gun are now on the ground and table, and my hand looks like a bugs bunny cartoon explosion victim (it's covered in black). Pics attached (though I did wash my black hand by the time I took these). Only "wound" was a blood blister, which it seems like is very common when this happens.

    To Glock's credit, they fixed the gun under warranty. Now, it wasn't exactly a "good" repair because the Polymer frame was still bowed and there was visible damage inside the frame. The "metal" parts all seemed to be fine though. It chambered perfectly. But, there's no way I trust this particular gun now. So, to the range's credit, they agreed to trade it for full retail value ($650). I'm not giving up on Glock, though. It was the ammo's fault. So I traded for a G19 and a nice holster. A more practical gun that I can carry if I want. So, take it from me: DON'T FIRE RELOADS!

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