Hate stock sights?

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  1. Anyone else harbor a dislike for the stock Glock sights? I can't seem to shoot well with them. I also don't want to pay someone to install aftermarket sights that I haven't even purchased yet.

    But, on that note...I've been looking at the Meprolights...What do you use?
  2. iamthedood

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    Truglo TFOs :D

  3. dutchs

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    I'm not a fan either and I am looking at a good inexpensive alternative in the Glock night sights. Birddogz bought them and he loves them. under 60 bucks too!! Here is some info.
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  4. I too hate the stock sights. I opted for night sights when I got my 22C which I like. My 27 came with the ****ty cup and ball sights. I bought some Advanced Arms sights for my 22C and I am swapping the Meprolight night sights onto my 27. Having some problems with the rear sights. :(
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    I shoot just fine with stock sights, just prefer the sight picture of the aftermarket sights I use.
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    Mine came with Ameriglo CAP sights. I didn't think I would like them now I want them on all my toys.
  7. I have TruGlo TFO green/green on four guns. Switched to XS Big Dots on one gun to try them...still trying to decide. They are fast for sure, but the TRUGLOs are great too.

    I originally blacked out my stock Glock rear sight with black Sharpie and preferred that to stock white/white set.
  8. The thing I don't like about em' is that they're plastic(unless they've changed it with the Gen 4 guns) but I got lucky this time around because the guy I bought my G30 from had changed out the factory sights for a set of $140 buck Trijicon night sights. Such a deal.:D
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    I must be one of the very few that doesn't mind the factory Glock sights. I really don't like night sights as I have a hard time focusing on the front sight post in the day time. I don't care for standard white 3 dot sights for similar reasons. I like that the Glock sights provide a contrast between front (dot) and rear (U). My absolute favorite sight is a gold bead/black combat rear but I've found the standard sights work well for me.
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    +1 on the Meprolights. I had them on a G17 and loved them, very bright.
  11. I also love the factory Glock sites. I wish I could install them on other brands of guns I own too.