Hassled at a store.

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    So I finally got my first hassling about OCing in a store. But of all places it was in a Walmart lol.

    Some doe eyed scared old man ran to the management, "MAN WITH GUN WAH" lol. So the manager tracks me down and wants to "Ask me about the firearm". So I go sure what do you wanna know? Then proceeds to tell me about how it needs to be concealed and asks for my permit blah blah blah. I then proceed to tell him that in CO you don't need a permit to open carry and the only place that doesn't allow it is Denver, I was no where near Denver, and then went on to tell him how Walmart was one of the few companies that openly supported the Bill of Rights. After going on and on about this he finally admitted that he recently moved here and no idea what the actual laws were.

    Now normally I wouldn't have had any issue with this at all, but the fact that he comes at me spouting everything I should be doing and no CLUE what the laws or his own store policies were just annoys me.

    Let this be a warning to all, make sure you know your rights and the laws for where you are. Or you might get in trouble for something that isn't even against the law.
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    Always a good idea to know the Concealed and Open carry laws in your state !!

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    I am told (by a fellow FA training instructor) that Walmart once prohibited guns in their buildings, until a woman was robbed and molested in a Walmart parking lot as she walked to her car. The woman was a CCW holder, and due to Walmart's gun prohibition she was forced to leave her gun in her car. Well, she turned around and sued Walmart, and won, hence the gun prohibition was struck down.

    Also explains why one of the Walmarts here in town still allows CC firearms on its premises, even after 2 shooting incidents inside the store (same store).

    Now, a number of new Walmarts are cropping up around town....on Tribal land! They get a tax break from the Gov't but have to deal with whatever arrangements with Tribal Council, and (over here) guns are not allowed on Tribal Land. The Three Nations Wallmart in Reno sits on Tribal land, does not sell guns or ammo (although all the other Walmarts in town do), and sometimes a Tribal Police SUV can be seen in the parking lot. Tribal Law supercedes even Federal Law on Tribal Land.

    And funny that the one and only time I was ever accosted about my gun was in a Walmart (the same one where the 2 shootings occured) many years ago...it was a Beretta 92G in an Uncle Mike's minimalist holster OWB, and I had on a zippered windbreaker. I guess at some point while reaching for something the muzzle may have peeked out under the windbreaker? I don't know. But someone was following me around inside the Walmart, so I went to the small power tools section (where I know there is a surveillance camera), and when the guy turned the aisle I slammed him into the aisle and asked him why he was following me around. He said he was Walmart security, and that someone had said I had a gun. Told him yes, I have a gun, and a permit, too. He apologized for bothering me, and left, without asking to see the permit, gun, or ID.
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    Nice, at least he backed off when he found out you were legit.

    Ya tribal land everywhere from what I know is a no carry zone. In colorado Im not sure where any reservations are this far north. I know in New Mexico and AZ they're all over.
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    There is a Member on here who will tell you that there are, in so many words, no restrictions on anything anywhere in AZ. I do not know this for a fact, but I do know what I myself know....does that make sense?
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    It's almost funny, I was in one of the older Walmarts in town (that has since moved to a bigger location to qualify as a "superstore"), it was like 2AM (needed milk for my coffee! what can I say?) anyway I am in the dairy section and I hear what I would swear was gunfire, possibly .22 or .25-cal...single shots, then a couple in sequence, and so on.

    Nobody was panicking, no screams, looked like everything was normal, but as I continued to hear the shots, I was thinking to myself "what's wrong with these people? don't they know they are in danger?"....kept walking around, bottle of Model Dairy in left had, right hand free to draw if needed....until I reached the customer service/layaway area...lots of construction going on, and there was a guy using a bolt gun to anchor a steel storage rack to the concrete floor...the kind of bolt gun that uses .22 blanks....sheepishly, I thought "no wonder"....and continued on my way.
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    LOL. It does. I also know there are restrictions in AZ. Without a CCW you can't carry in bars. Ive spent time in Tucson, used to live there so I have relatives I visit. Every bar you go in the first thing you'll see is a no firearms sign, and these actually carry legal weight unless you have a permit.
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    So even if you do carry into a bar, Your also NOT allowed to drink.
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    1st off, I want to say my hat is off to ALL who have the knowledge, confidence, training and kahoona's to Open Carry. Reading this thread just made me want to stand up and CHEER!

    But also let me say, I don't feel in the above stated manner JUST because I, myself, open carry. Personally, I feel like EVERYONE should be exercising this right that so MANY (untold hundreds of thousands) have bled and died to forge and protect. If that were so, then people wouldn't be sneaking around talking to people saying, "Pssst. Did you just see that man with a gun?" They would be walking about and when they saw someone that DIDN'T carry, they would ask, "Pardon me Sir. Not that it's any of my business, but where in the world is your gun? " It's not the fact that we carry that's so unusual. It's the fact that the public has been programmed to think "only bad men have guns".

    But all this changes in an instant when THEY are attacked and want help. Instantly, they are DAMNED GLAD to see someone with a gun that's on their side. Programming only goes so far and it definitely gives way to common sense when "real life" situations arise. Their "common sense" kicks in and then it's to hell with the programming, lol.

    Webphisher? Hat's off to ya, man. Way to go, Pal.

    Sniper? Way to be aware and use your head, man... Outstanding in my book.

    Edit: I just happened to think, there may be those that think I'm implying that those that don't open carry don't have Kahoona's... I DID NOT mean to imply that. Those that carry concealed have equal kahoona's in my opinion. Just wanted to make that clear. :eek:
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    I really really hope you didn't mean you literally slammed him against an aisle for following you. That's called battery and is illegal in all 50 states. In most states it goes to a felony level if you are armed. There is nothing wrong with following someone and to "slam them into the aisle" can and should send a person to jail.
  11. Matthew780

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    I would think stalking is illegal and that one would have the right to defend against it. I certainly wouldn't stand for it. And I don't think I have to. But I will check this further to see what the legalities are.

    When you reference being "armed", are you saying "carrying"? Or actually brandishing the weapon?
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    Even if stalking is illegal (and store security following someone is NOT stalking) getting physical with someone when they have not presented any danger to you is not legal in any state I am aware of.

    Just given the facts posted above, in this state that would have been battery. IC 35-42-2 "A person who knowingly or intentionally touches another person in a rude, insolent, or angry manner commits battery, a class B misdemeanor." with various subsections defining how it can go higher.
  13. Happysniper1

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    He got forced into the aisle by my shopping cart....you know how you suddenly make a 180 in the aisle and peole need to get out of the way? He backed up, and hit the display. I would never let a "suspicious person" within arms' reach of my person. And as far as anyone is concerned, I simply did a 180, rather quickly though, with my shopping cart.

    I wonder if a shopping cart can be construed as a deadly weapon?:eek:
  14. Happysniper1

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    See emphasis. Hope that answers your question.
  15. Matthew780

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    WV Stalking Laws:

    "Even if stalking is illegal (and store security following someone is NOT stalking) getting physical with someone when they have not presented any danger to you is not legal in any state I am aware of." ~ Sarabian

    Va. Code § 61-2-9a. Stalking; harassment; penalties; definitions. (2008)

    (a) Any person who repeatedly follows another knowing or having reason to know that the conduct causes the person followed to reasonably fear for his or her safety or suffer significant emotional distress, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be incarcerated in the county or regional jail for not more than six months or fined not more than one thousand dollars, or both.


    In West Virginia, following someone (especially when you've failed to identify yourself and are acting with intended stealth) ISN'T always legal and there CAN be something wrong with it. I guess it's best for each individual to check their local laws to see if stalking and/or harassment is legal in your State.

    I'm still curious as to what "armed" means in northern Indiana. ???
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  16. Caseyglock19

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    In AZ you CANNOT cc on tribal lands.
  17. Interesting comments in this thread... good post OP.

    Glad you didnt have any more trouble.
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    Maybe one with spikes... that would be interesting... especially around Christmas time:eek:
  19. Happysniper1

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    Would you be able to post some quote of law of regulation that shares this declaration?

    I ask because several times in other threads the subject has been brought up and the Audience has been told that there are no restrictions to possession of a firearm on tribal land.

    In Nevada, it is not even legal to have an unloaded and secured (locked away) gun in your car when on tribal land, much less to OC or CC it. Only Tribal Police and local LEO (with "the advise and consent" of tribal police) can have guns on tribal land.
  20. Sarabian

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    Actually, the cart is an extension of you in this case since it is in your direct control and if (emphasis on the "if" and in no way saying you did) it is proven that you did this on purpose (not easy to prove) battery still holds.