Has anyone tried he new Trijicon HD night sights?

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  1. glock 19

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    I've had the TFO's and don't love them because of the size of he front sight. I love the Trijicon bright ad tough sight but am considering the extra money for the new HD Trijicon's. I've only been able to find a hand full of reviews. Any thoughts?
  2. JpMartinez961

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    Ameriglo are a bit cheaper and very similar.

  3. cmiddleton

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    resale value

    So if you install these, keep in mind that if you want to sell or trade your gun to a gun dealer, you won't get any value for the upgrade.

    I have recently been shopping my Glock 23 around with night sights and this is a boxed gun, not carried in a holster and has zero holster wear. Less than 300 rounds total through it with night sights. No a scratch or blemish, original box, original manual, 2 rounds fired at the factory, all accessories and magazines.

    New is about 525 in most places around Raleigh, NC plus 75 for the night sights brings us to 600.

    One shop offered me 375 cash and maybe 425 on a trade in for another more expensive gun.

    Another shop offered me (are you ready) 250. I refuse to do business with a shop that was really going to try to cheat me out of that much money.

    So I said all that to tell you this. I got no value for the night sight upgrade.
  4. I was going to get the trijicon hd night sights but after doing some research Im finding out that Mepors night sight are getting better reviews then trijicons. People are saying that they are better then the trijicon sight they have on their other guns. An they are half the cost. I am still undecided on which ones to get.
  5. kodiak

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    I would be willing to bet that if your sights were stock, that you would have been offered the same price. That's just a shop trying to make money, not unlike a car dealership.
  6. cmiddleton

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    I can't blame them for making money, they are a business after all. I am not opposed to spending more money where I get good service. I thought 375 was reasonable, because he had Pre Owned Glocks with stock sights on display for 425, so he might ask 450 for one with night sights in mint condition. So he would make 50-75 dollars off of the trade. If he took it on trade at 425 and I bought another gun, he would still make 25 dollars off the trade plus his margin on the new gun.

    What I thought was trying to take advantage was the lady at "the other gun store" offering me 250. She must have though I was a thief or a crackhead to let it go for tweaking money or something. That was a terrible offer. I was really looking to buy the XDM .45 that was on display and ready to make a fair deal.

    Her pre-owned glocks, law enforcement trade-ins with very bad holster wear were stickered at 450 with stock sights. With her markup, she might have tried to sell mine at 500 or given her negotiation ethics and the fact I had ALL original paperwork and even the locking cable in the wrapper; she could have passed it off as new.

    I won't ever buy from them based on that encounter. I don't trust her or them, I didn't feel comfortable in their store. It is a shame because it is the closest one to my house.
  7. JHC

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    I have orange HD's on one 19 and Warren Combat or Warren Sevigny sets on the other nine Glocks. I really like the HD set a lot. I'll prob change the other most often carried guns over to HD's gradually.
  8. kodiak

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    Cmiddleton, I hear ya

    On a side note it looks like CTD has the I-Dot Pros on sale for around $69. It comes with the Pro-Glo front sight with red/orange ring around the tritium insert.

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  9. reckless45

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    Kodiak, thanks for that info! Just the sights I was looking for for my G27!
  10. RM686

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    I have found that I dislike most of the owners of gun stores and will not deal with them. With the exception of a few, most of them are real jerks. I am not talking about the employees. In one shop where I live now, if the owner is in, I will go somewhere else. The employees are nice people. There have been some stores that were great but they were far and in between. It may be just the nature of the business. I remember in the 1950's there were a lot of crazy people working at indoor gun ranges. This was before they knew lead poising could be airborne from fired ammo. Some of the symptoms of lead poising are short temper and irritability. And this is after the fall of the roman empire , those guys drank their wine out of lead cups.
  11. Southlake

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    I have them, I love them, I'm not going to sell them.
  12. silver04v

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    Have hd with the orange front sight on my g22. Absolutely love them. Glow very good at night, and the main selling factor over other night sights I seen, the back sight is cut in a way to use as a hook for one handed slide racking. Plus my local shop who sold them to me installed for free, no brainer for me.

  13. Just a little up date.

    I went a head an got the orange Trijicon HD night sights and love them. With the U shape in the rear sight it makes it very easy and quick to pick up that front sight. As long as they make the HD's for the hand gun I have, I will put them on. Don't regret at all spending the extra few bucks. :D
  14. GlockfanAZ

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    When I needed night sights, I got the regular trijicons, but the next set I get, will be the hds.
  15. jimmyalbrecht

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    They're not trying to rip you off. They get brand new guns at dealer pricing. Why would they pay you more than that for a used gun? My LGS owner was honest with me and told me to sell it privately. You can get what the gun is worth that way.
  16. Geek

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    I have the HDs on one gun. I like them and would like to get them on another gun, but they seem to have been swept up with all the other mania going on, so I am just waiting for my LGS to get them in again. Compared to not being able to get ammo, this is a minor inconvenience.