Has anyone really heard of a Glock melting?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by series11, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. series11

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  2. kodiak

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    That guy sounds like a tool bag. From some of the stories in that thread...I have doubts about the accuracy of his military service. Sounds like he's trying to live off his dad's coat tails... Maybe he was a supply clerk in a SF unit and tries to pass himself off as an operator to those who don't know any better. All his actions scream "wannbe" to me...but I don't know the guy nor have I heard of him before.

  3. series11

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    Yeah that is what I get from reading this too. I have never heard of a Melting Glock in the back of a car. This just seems like someone who wants to sound smart but has no background to support it.
  4. Happysniper1

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    There actually was a Member here who trolled Glocks by saying he had one that melted completely to slag but the rounds did not go off, while it was sitting in his car. Curiously, his car did not spontaneously combust.

    Refused to provide pics, and was willing to sell the recoil spring out of it (after he chipped it out of the melted plastic, LOL).

    Thread was deleted, Troll banished.

    Then there was another post by another member about his RS guide rod melting, again, no pics.

    What is wrong with these people?
  5. iGlock

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    I live in AZ and leave my fully loaded glock in my car and it does not melt lol. Sure the bullets get a lil warm but thats all.
  6. Sarabian

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    Once your BS flag begins to settle to the ground, I'll run over and hoist it again. Total BS.

    The melting point of the polymer Glock uses is a lot higher than the melting point of the plastic bits in the car and none of those melted. As another pointed out, the car didn't spontaneously combust, either.
  7. series11

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    Don't know. They need to try it before they knock it.
  8. I will call BS on this as well. I believe that the windows would blow out before the Glock melts.
  9. glock19desertranger

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    I bet a glock would melt if............................you threw it in the campfire!:D
  10. Camp fires run about 1600 degrees?? I bet it would, but Why.................:confused:
  11. glock19desertranger

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    I would never......lol I like my Glocks too much
  12. Whew, you were scaring me there for a moment.
  13. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    A Glock melting in a car is kind of like saying Chuck Norris can stub his bare toe on a brick wall....
  14. littleposerfish

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    [ame]http://youtu.be/_ENZioGLjMI[/ame] lol watch this video. hot trunk my tail. try throwing it in a fire lol.
  15. brutusvk

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    I have lived in AZ for four decades. This story is bogus. I usually have a Glock in my truck even during the hottest part of summer. Now if someone put a Glock (or any "tactical tuppaware" pistol) in the sun on a solar oven...maybe I could see issues. Now extreme cold and extreme heat can alter how gun powder functions. However, for this story I cry SHENANIGANS!
  16. voyager4520

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    The exact polymer formula is a trade secret, but it's supposedly either nylon 6 or nylon 6,6 with a few other additives. Nylon 6 has a melting point of 428F, nylon 6,6 is 509F. You're not going to get that temperature by leaving a Glock in a hot vehicle, not even in direct sunlight in the hottest desert in the world.

    Some of the smaller plastic parts may be a different formulation, and the Gen4 frames seem to be stiffer so it's possible they have fiberglass mixed in.
  17. cvitter

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    If I recall correctly from the Glock Armorer's Course (and this is off the top of my head so don't hold me to it) the frame on a Glock will begin to melt at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. I can't imagine a car trunk getting to 200 degrees much less 450. Definitely do not throw your Glock in a fire though as the frame and other polymer parts will melt.
  18. KeenansGarage

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    I was going to post the same thing! 400-500 degrees is a lot of degrees! That just is the temperature where the nylon will 'soften.'
    It won't get that hot in a car...I'm just sayin. :cool:
  19. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    I would note that the insulation on automotive electrical wires is rated significantly less than 400F. I'll also point out that trunks usually have carpet made of synthetic yarns, and numerous other cheap plastic components that don't melt in parked vehicles.

    I'l also note that before it was accepted as a NATO sidearm, the Glock 17 was required to stand up to a heat soak of 70C/158F for 24 hours, and then fire flawlessly.
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