Has anyone bought Crossbreeds "Seconds" holsters?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by SuperSport, May 18, 2012.

  1. SuperSport

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    Hey all, has anyone purchased their seconds? I feel very hesitant sending cash through the mail.

    Would like to hear your experience,

  2. SuperSport

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    Is it me or am I just over cautious? Also, isn't requesting cash only ring the "sketchy" alarm? No paper trail either. And from Crossbreed to boot. Hmmmmmm..... :confused:
  3. Good company... to me its also a little weird sending cash.

    I was looking at the seconds and really the price isnt THAT discounted. Id rather pay the additional 20 for a lifetime warrenty and the security of me not having to send cash with nothing but a stamp to protect it.
  4. jimmyalbrecht

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    How do you know that this is actually Crossbreed? It is an entirely different website.
  5. kodiak

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    I thought it was check or money order? Never heard of them specifying cash.
  6. SuperSport

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    Good point, Jimmy.

    Quote from site: "If you have any trouble with your order, please direct all communications to [email protected]. Emails about Crossbreed Seconds erroneously sent to Crossbreed Holsters will be ignored. Thanks for your understanding."

    I'm thinking it's a division/department within Crossbreed. Their physical addy is the same:
    Crossbreed Holsters, LLC
    224 N Main
    Republic MO 65738
  7. SuperSport

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    They specify cash but to me, their reason is not to my liking. They can hold shipping until it clears. I would've been all good with waiting longer for a 'cheaper' well made holster.

    From site:

    "After completing the order form below, you will need to send cash, yes, CASH, with a copy of your receipt to the address provided to complete your order. If payment is not received within 10 days, the order will be cancelled, and the item will be back on the site again.
    Due to bounced checks, counterfeit money orders, and credit card processing fees, we accept payment for seconds in Cash Only! No Checks, No Money Orders, real cash. If this causes you concern, be at ease as we have had very few lost payments or other problems with this policy. Send your payment and order via priority mail with a tracking number if you're concerned about delivery. Thanks!
  8. SuperSport

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    Good point but the holster I was ready to buy is $35 on their "second" list and when ordered the exact item "new" it was $77. Pretty significant to me. More ammo and booze brother. ;)

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Crossbreed has always been great to deal with. I don't recommend the seconds for several reasons.

    First, it's as is. You can't return it.

    No warranty, no returns, no repairs.

    Been worn by another person, could be broken in to the wrong shape for you.

    It's just the way they run that part of the business...don't know exactly why.
  10. SuperSport

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    Good points, black. Crossbreed 'grades' their seconds and the one I was looking at was classified as "good". I would've been ok with knowing they grade their seconds. Looks like the highest grade is "excellent" then "very good" and "good". With "fair" being the lowest grade.
  11. Um postal money orders are really hard to fake. Also there is the paypal option. They don't NEED cash and I doubt they get THAT many fakes. Not a good enough reason.

    Also saying "we don't have many lost payments" is not saying "we NEVEr have lost payments". Also taking their word for it??? hmm

    "I'm sorry Alan, was the drug dealer at the liquor store NOT A GOOD GUY??!!!!"
  12. you get what you pay for.........
  13. Exactly!!!

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I am sure you would offer second hand holsters if any has ever returned one of yours... Which they haven't... Just saying...
  15. In the event that ever happens, no we absolutely would not offer "seconds". If one person is not happy why would we risk a second person on the same holster? :confused: If one ever gets returned it will either go into my personal stash or my personal trash, it will not get sent back out even at a discounted price.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Very good point! Didn't think about it like that...
  17. SuperSport

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    Mike P - unfortunately not all businesses use your business model regarding return goods. If a business offers a returns within a window within specific guidelines, then selling the restocked item makes great sense. Making a partial return is better than zero. I see it as a win-win situation. But if the process to sale seconds does not match the way to buy new - I'm having a hard time understanding that.

    Grading the item is a great system - even better if they have images and/or mov. file. But that takes more time and effort for a partial restocked item. Sure pay for what you get but if their grading system is honest and concise with language for each grade ie: Good = some wear on leather but kydex performs as new. I'm sure they wouldn't sell a broken/cracked piece of kydex or one that couldn't secure the weapon within their set tolerances.

    Just my take and not to stir the pot.
  18. jonm61

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    Having dealt with Crossbreed, I have no doubt that they would never sell broken Kydex.

    The main thing that bothers me about the "seconds", besides the cash in the mail thing, is that there's no guide to their grading. What do they consider "excellent" vs "very good", etc. It would be much easier to decide whether or not to buy one.