Harrisburg, PA gun show this weekend (

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    Anyone going to this?

    The Harrisburg Gun & Knife Show will be held on Saturday, June 9th thru Sunday, June 10th, 2012. The Harrisburg, PA Gun Show will be held at the Farm Show Complex and is hosted by the Mid Atlantic Arms Collectors of Pennsylvania.
    Exhibitor Mid Atlantic Arms Collectors
    Phone: (570) 679-2250
    Venue Farm Show Complex
    2300 North Cameron Street
    Harrisburg, PA
    Phone: (717) 787-5373
    800 Tables

    Debating whether or not to go.

  2. SHOOTER13

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    Just had a gun show at the PA National Guard Armory in NE Philly last month...

    Thanks for the heads up tho...!!

  3. RRoss

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    Wish I could make it but I have a grad party to go to in NJ this weekend.