Hard cast bullets in a Glock 20

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by waynek5525, Jul 11, 2020.

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    I’m interested in using hard cast lead bullets in my Glock 20 for hog hunting, but Glock sounds less than enthusiastic about using lead bullets in their guns. Will use of hard cast lead bullets cause problems such as leading the barrel?
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    You have to make the choice for yourself,I made my choice over twenty years ago to shoot cast lead 16 - 18 BHN from 9 & 40 and use a bit softer alloy 10 -11 BHN in the 45's.

    I shoot the loads from Glock OEM barrels with no problems, my recommendation is to clean the barrel after each range session,it doesn't take long to push a brush and a couple of patches thru the barrel to prevent any lead build up.

    In my opinion the OEM polygonal barrels clean up faster and easier than traditional rifled barrels, if you should happen to shoot loads that the pressure and alloy hardness aren't matched and have lead fouling as a result it still cleans up easy.

    A method for stiff fouling I learned long ago was to wrap a bit of Chore Boy brand kitchen cleaner around a bronze bore brush and It cleans up slick as a whistle in 2 to 3 passes of the brush wrapped in Chore Boy.

    A word of caution make sure it's Chore Boy brand, which is made of pure copper, not Wally World or dollar store brands as they are copper plated steel not pure copper.
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    I have a KKM barrel for my 20, where I can shoot them without worry.
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