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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I am now a proud owner of a Glock 23. So glad I made that purchase. I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life. I am a disabled veteran served time over in the middle east during desert shield and storm. I have always been a hunter and believe that every man and woman should be able to carry. I also believe that every man and woman should go thru appropriate safety training.
    Glad to see our governor signed the open carry bill since i am not the best at keeping my weapon concealed like I think I should. I have something to ask of ya'll...I am looking for some kind of weapon retention training. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the welcome, glad to be here.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome again yotis and thank you for your service. I am thankful that the "Founders" had the fore site to include the 2nd Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Happy Shooting.
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    Hello, Yotis_hootis, and WELCOME to the Forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!! I am also in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City to be exact. I too am glad Governor Fallin signed the Open Carry bill into law. I've lived here most of my life as well. I've been in law enforcement for just over 6 years now and would be more than happy to discuss retention techniques with you.
  6. that would be great. I have watched a few vids on youtube and found some good things to work on, like hand/arm exercises for a stronger grip. And those exercises are about the only thing I would think you could do by yourself. The other stuff was fending attackers off your hip. We still have a few more months before open carry is in effect, but I like to be more prepared before hand. Thanks in advance.
  7. Welcome to the forum and thank you SO much for your service!
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    Welcome to the forum. I too am from Oklahoma city and have lived here most of my life. And yes, thank you for your service. Enjoy, there's a lot of good info on this forum.
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    welcome to the forum!! thank for your service
  10. Welcome! Okc here as well!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum yotis_hootis !
  12. Welcome to our happy home!
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    Welcome to the Forum. And thanks for your service.

    I to own a G23 and it is a master piece ;) mine is a GEN 4 I also have her little sister the 27.