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  1. Have a new Glock 23 Gen 4 shooting Federal 40 ammo. Cleaned and oiled gun. Have had 3 shells Jam out of 100 hang up either firing /eject or recoil loading next shell that binds. Not what I want in home protection or target shooting in front of my peers. Any ideas ?
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    Mark your mags and see if it is always the same one, could be and issue. Also, your grip can affect Glock if you limp wrist it.

  3. All true but also a possibility...........Glock is doing a free RSA exchange on the Gen4 .40's also. All you got to do is call and they will send you one for free. What number is on the back of your RSA?
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    My first thought when I see something like this on a new gun is limp wristing. People seem to be awfully anxious to blame the gun if it's a Gen4.
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    I had a similar problem with 9mm Federal ammo. I also shot Winchester white box the same day without issue. Could be me, maybe not. I haven't purchased anymore Federal since. No problems since. Just sayin...
  6. Maybe I bumped the mag in with my fist instead of sliding it in and misaligned the stack of shells. I will mark the mags too. Great Idea's. Gonna phone Glock to see if my Pistol is in the recall. Thanks to all.
  7. Rsa?

    What does RSA mean?

  8. G-23

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    Recoil Spring Assembly
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    New to you or new in the box gun?

    Most times this is attributed to weak thumb riding the slide stop or;
    limp-wristing the gun during recoil or;
    incorrect magazine springs.

    Then tight extractor or;
    dirty chamber or;
    underpowered ammo or;
    weak RSA.

    Because it seems to run fine for you and then hiccups, I would think it is one of the first tow reasons I posted.
  10. Pre owned. new to me. Dealers personal piece. Sent it back for a NIB w/o all that fancy stuff. Now I miss that gun. It was broke in and had a good feel too it. I will tinker with this one. a few $ 10 parts at a time, like the comp stainless rod and spring assembly. Then the 3.5 comp trigger.
    gunbroker dot com has real deals on that stuff .
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    Could have been those 3 rounds too.

    I shoot the Walmart Federal Champion 180 grain in mine. I've only got 300 rounds in it but she likes them fine. I've seen 1,100 rounds go threw the same gun as mine, both test fired on the same day and no issues with those in his either.

    I've shot Federal in my LCR 38 and if it would have been an auto-loader, they would have jammed big time. They sounded weak and hit 6" low at 20'!!!. So don't give up on the fact the rounds could have been duddy.
  12. Thanks

    Thanks, I was racking my brain, and for the life of me, I could not come up with it.