Handgun powder?

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  1. gymguy

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    Getting started in reloading. We have everything we need except for powder. We have some Bullseye and W-231 on backorder. What is your favorite handgun powder for target and CC loads? Do you use different burn rates for 2" vs 6" barrels? Availability is also a consideration.
  2. Depends partially on what caliber you will be loading for. Winchester 231, and alliant Power Pistol are my two favorite. Many people do not advise on using handloads for self defense, myself included. Those two powders will do a wonderful job of loading pretty much all the common cartridges.

  3. mgardner

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    Titegroup (9mm target), Clays (45 acp minor), WSF (45acp major), HS-6 (125 grain 9mm full power). WSF is probably the most versatile.
  4. chuckds

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    TightGroup for 9mm, meters great and low charge weights. I like Blue Dot for 10mm when I can find it.
  5. Deuce

    Deuce Because 2 Are Better Then 1

    I like Unique, my self. 9mm / 38 Special / 40 S&W / 45 acp.
  6. tbspeed1

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    Does anyone have any titegroup available for sale?
  7. tbspeed1

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    Found some on Gb last night
  8. gymguy

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    Checking a Lee Reloader manual and based on load data in the manual I have tentatively selected the following powders:

    For 45 ACP 230 Grain lead bullets: Accurate #7 ball.

    For 9mm 124 Grain lead bullets: Accurate #7 or V-3N37.

    For 380 95 Grain lead bullets: Accurate #2, Titegroup, Autocomp, Universal Clays.

    I picked these to give the maximum case fill (to help prevent double loads) while still allowing maximum velocity, maximize range of grain spread between start and never exceed (to minimize velocity spread due to slight fill errors) but I don't know if they are too slow, too fast, or too dirty for CC use (short barrels in most cases). I'll address 223 rifle after a little experience with pistols.

  9. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    For handgun service calibers I really like Winchester WSF and WST. Bill
  10. Captain

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    Ramshot True Blue for 9mm and Power Pistol for .40 and 10mm
  11. gymguy

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    I like it. How about Ramshot Silhouette for 9mm with lead bullets?
  12. gymguy

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    I think the reason some advise against handloads for self defense is in case you shoot somebody and the prosecution builds a case around your irresponsibility. A pity since if done correctly reloading is safer.
  13. Happysniper1

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    Accurate (#2, #5 and #7) are among my favorite pistol powders, as is Hodgdon HS6 for .40S&W and .45ACP loads.
  14. ZombieNinja

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    Accurate #5 is my only powder. Serves double duty for reloading both 9mm and .45acp. Couldn't ask much more of it. I'd like to get chronograph speeds but I know they are moving fast enough.
    The 9mm impulse is more solid and consistent but not "harsh" or worse than factory loads. Just very good solid feeling thumping y'know. Super accurate too. Could not get this performance or results even in high quality jhp SD ammo.
    For the money, I load only jhp. I may buy a box or two or more if I run across a sale or someone selling fmj so I can target and plink w that.
    Feels good to know all that defense ammo is there ready to go.
  15. I don't carry reloads in my CCW.

    For general range use I like HP-38/Win 231 for 9mm

    .45 ACP I like Bullseye but sometimes change it up with the HP-38.

    I have some True Blue and been meaning to give it a try.
  16. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Just a general note to the general public (since you mention that you load JHPs).

    I have run across a number of instructors, some fellow instructors, others ex-fellow instructors, who have advised against using reloaded defensive ammo. Their logic is that the defender tried to make a more deadlier round to use, and the logic extends into a potential courtroom scenario where intent is placed where it shouldn't be and all aspects of a shooting become ammo for "the other side".

    Could you imagine, for instance, if GZ reloaded ammo at home, or if he carried reloads as SD ammo? They got a point there.

    Personally, I load what I shoot. Just putting it out there for those that have not yet considered the possibility.

  17. dillon550b

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    WSF for 9mm

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  18. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    Bullseye when I can find it.
  19. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    WooHoo! Just scored 8lbs of Bullseye. Powder Valley is great when they have inventory.