Hand in the Fan!!!

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  1. Green-Water

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    It's more than just a nice little rhyme....

    Have any of you taller gents ever raised your arms for one reason or another and inadvertently struck the ceiling fan with your hand/hands? I just stopped the ceiling fan dead in it's tracks while attempting to untangled a camera charging cord.

    In the past, I have scraped my knuckles against the fan blades while removing my shirt but this time, I took a direct hit to the top of my shooting hand. The surface wound is minimal but the blade dealt a major blow to whatever you call those cords that are attached to your fingers. Hand is swollen and I can barely make a fist.

    Tell your story!!! I seriously doubt that I'm all alone in this category! :)
  2. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Jumped and got a blade to the forehead once.

  3. jmanwill

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    Our previous home had low 8' ceilings. Our bedroom had a ceiling fan that I would put my hands into at least once a month while putting on my shirts. It was always on low so it never really hurt but it always got my attention. The current house has 12' ceiling in the bedroom and about 16' in the "great room" so now the problem is changing lights and cleaning it.

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  4. Redhairdontcare

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    Playing the Michael Jackson experience on Kinnet and right in the middle of "beat it" the right hand goes into the fan . Ever since then it's had a nice wobble to it lol
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Took the fan out of the bedroom when my Batman cape got caught...

    Poison Ivy is OK...she ducked !! :D
  6. cutlass327

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    Girlfriend used to live in a trailer. Walked into the fan once, a blade across my forehead. Hit the rough ceiling a few times putting a shirt on/off or while playing the Wii...