Hail storm in Kentucky

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  1. This storm came fast. It went from golf ball size to baseball size briefly. Sounded like bowling balls hitting the roof. Wood

    siding on one side all messed up. When it was over it looked like it snowed. The roads was even covered solid. I haven't

    been up on the roof yet. There was thousands of people at Churchill Downs. It was the first night open for practice for the

    Derby next Saturday. There was also several Derby festival events going outside thru out Louisville. Lucky not many of reports of people injured.






    I'll add more later. My Internet is still so so feel free to tell about any storms and post any pics of the ones you have been thru.






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  2. Where at in Kentucky? Our cousin lives outside of Lexington.

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    Man, I bet that would put you in the hospital if one of them "snowballs" smacked you on the head?
  4. Bet you are right there. In Louisville fathead it was heading more south and east. Was only about a 3 mile wide hail

    core. Guess where I was? If you know where Anderson Co. is that's south of Frankfort. It lost most of its punch after coming tru here.
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    Wow Jack you guys have had some really bad weather lately. Glad you're ok.
  6. No doubt. I'm about 6-7 miles from where that tornado hit Heneryville Indiana.
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    That was us last spring when the giant tornado came through N GA.
  8. I remember that. Same system that went thru Joplin. We had 5 here in one day on

    that day. One past a block away from me then hit Churchill Downs. I seen it drop

    down then debris go up in it. It was a
    weird day. Two of the five had no rain,

    thunder, wind, or lighting with them.
    Weather guys were stumped lol. One of

    the two went over me. Was a erie feeling
    watching it quietly go by. Just one of many

    I've seen, I love watching storms. I just
    don't like the damage or the aftermath it can cause.
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    Yeah that was a really nasty day. I like storms too. I'm the fool that stands out on the porch watching them when I really should be inside.
  10. While the others are saying, are you nuts? Get in here. That's what I hear. I tell them if I get scared then you better be scared.
  11. It killed someone here before it went there.

    Jack didn't they warn you? That cell his St. Louis last night and did havoc, killed someone, had rotation and almost several touchdowns before heading directly at you. Fox 5 news crew had basketball size hail in the parking lot.
  12. its very very bad here right now, hoping it passes. Terrified of tornadoes because we have no basement, and a newborn. Luckily the Sheriff Department is a 1/4 mile away, thats where we would make a break for.
  13. Wasn't even a thunder storm warning till after it hit here. Yes I seen it was a tornado in St Louis then it went to a regular storm. I don't have a garage so I couldn't protect them. Like you said I was watching it and it was making a bee line right for me. It can always be worst huh?
  14. Dang. Good luck, I got a couple little ones. All I got is a small cellar that has a mud floor. Not much plus it's outside and door is locked.
  15. It seems to be calming down, they are dropping the warning in a minute supposedly.
  16. That's good news. That's a nasty line of storms you have out there now.
  17. The warnings stand for us until sometime in the early morning, but it has calmed. Right now the NOAA radio is calling for flash flood warnings and t-storms but no word of severe, death, or tornado. My Directv looks like something out of Silent Hill.
  18. this is us right now

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    Wow looks bad. Hope you all make it though the night.
  20. it calmed down after a while. Dangerous lightning, I can live with that. If the lawn takes on any more water it may float away. Wed is supposed to hit 90, hoping it will dry it all out so I can mow.