Had some stress, so find a outlet

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by PUNISHER, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Took my self to range today to blow off some steam.
    Felt good

    Found out that I want one of these bad.


    I need to get in contact with the guy that showed me how to shoot.
    Some of the strays you see where doing rapid fire so I dont worry about those. But my groupings in my opionion are awful. I know maybe they arent bad for a rookie shooter but I would expect them to be a lot tighter then that. Guess I'll have to work at it. Of course the big holes where with my Glock 23 and that is what im talking about. Not the rifle rounds.

    The Scar is a great gun. First Rifle I have ever shot and it was a blast to shoot. I really want one of these but I dont know if I want to pay $2400.00 for one.
    I had a damn good time.
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    Look at the Robinson Arms XCR too. I have one and it is really fun to shoot. http://xcr.robarm.com/ and it is a tad cheaper... I have the 7.62x39 version, It eats up cheap soviet bloc rounds.

  3. You lucky dog you! I want a Scar-H that shoots the 7.62 round but like you found out its a very, very pretty penny for one. I still really, really want one like you do lol :D.
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    I will admit...that is way out of my budget, but very cool looking!
  5. Thanks for the link. I'm going to check this out.

    I would like a Scar-H in the 308 but there isn't any where around here to shoot the damn thing. All the ranges don't let you shoot calibers that big around here. So the light would do me just fine.
    Bad boy is expensive. A AR platform just might have to do instead. I don't know. I want a long gun as a bday present to my self this summer.
  6. Went back to the range again today. lol
    I was doing damn good untill my hand started to hurt for some damn reason. So i wanted to stop and I started rapid fireing and well you can tell which ones where doing the rapid fire. I seem to be getting better I think.

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    Yes...noticably better !!

    At what distance...?
  8. You know what, Im going to ask them next time Im in there how they measure it. All I know is I put it at the 6 or 7 sign down range.