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Had a CZ 85 Combat

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The slide release and safety were right where i wanted to put my thumbs. Traded it for a Walther PPQ. Going out for a test today. From the CZ my G19 was like going home. Also looking at a M&P pro. But I keep going back to my Glocks! Just saying.
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Any pictures of the old CZ85...or the new Walther PPQ ?!

Please post a range report here...
First impressions with the PPQ...WOW! 21 feet, shot a 10 round pattern at about 2 1/2". Left a gaping hole. And the trigger is silky smooth, but maybe a little too much. Kind of like the stiffer resistant trigger release of the Glocks. I'll get used to it. The grip is just a bit longer than my 19 and fits very well. For sure a keeper.
Walther PPQ. I have a hard time choosing between this and my 19.

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I'll bet the G19 carries better...what holster do you

use for that Walther ?
I've heard really good things about the PPQ, I'll have to rent one the next time I go to the range.
I have a Don Hume that I found at a gun show with a snap strap over the top for $35.
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