H&K Input?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by DevilDawg235, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Are H&K good firearms or are they just pricey?

    What are the pro's an cons? I'm interested in owning one soon.
  2. Kmurray96

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    The H&K USP .40 cal variant 7 is the dept. gun for the NJDOC. Great gun. Very accurate. But it's a big gun and it's heavy with a couple of sharp edges. Has the magazine safety in the full size USP only and the #7 variation is DAO. The factory mags are metal and will rust if you don't clean them, but of course our dept. ranges run like the Post Office...rain or shine, in a foot of snow or 100 degrees.

    You could buy a Glock 17 and be halfway to buying another one for the price you'll pay for a H&K.

    Can't tell you how easy they are to break down. We're not allowed to touch them even in our towers at the prison. Come on duty, count your rounds, load up and holster. Unload it and pass a safe weapon to your relief. Period!

  3. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Paterson Police in NJ used them as well. When I worked for the sheriff dept, we had G22's. Always talked to the PD guys about them. Some hated them, some loved them.

    I saw a used one for $630 at my local gun shop.
  4. bhale187

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    I've had one for about 13 years, they are a great pistol. Like all HKs they are overengineered, overpriced, high quality, reliable, and accurate.

    $630 used is too much. They sell on hkpro for $500 used, and you can get one new for $725 ish
  5. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    Around here they go for about $900-1000 new. Thats a lot!
  6. SHOOTER13

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    H&K firearms are used by SOG and DEVGRU operators...

    HRT and SWAT teams...What better advertising is available...?