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  1. The Finance Committee wouldn't allow the purchase of the G17 I've been wanting, but I was able to buy:
    2- 10rnd G30 factory mags
    1- 13rnd G21 factory mag
    1- mag sleeve adapter for G21 to G30
    1- Pearce +2 mag plate
    1- Glock disassembly/cleaning mat
    1- 3 gun range bag
    2- 100rnd boxes of Winchester White Box FMJ 230gr .45 ACP

    I'm a happier man.

    I saw something else... For after I buy my G17
  2. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    That magazine is awesome haha.

  3. Yeah... Definitely overkill, but looks like a lot of fun!
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Fun, but a big waste of ammo !
  5. Danzig

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    Hey, it ain't worth doin if it ain't worth overdoin!
  6. Argyle64

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    Hahaha!!! Finance Committee, LMAO!! :coughs: wife
  7. I went to the range today, I love that 15 round mag: will have to save up for another.
  8. At the range I met a fella who bought a KelTec 2000, and it takes G17 mags or other Glock high cap mags... This would have been perfect for him, maybe not a pistol, but that KT2000 is something of a carbine.
  9. that is a big ass magazine, but a sick magazine. just a bit overkill but its sweet as heck overkill lol. and nice buy mate.
  10. Tape

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    you would need to rent a miget to carry it while you pull the trigger. That would be great in a Kel-Tec sub-2000 9mm carbine
  11. KeenansGarage

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    Good score! The huge mag is still weak arms wouldn't be able to hold it up!
  12. bfish

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    I wanna see one of those with an 18!
  13. the_mule

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    YouTube is a great tool for that.
  14. the_mule

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    Although this may not be a G18. It may not be the same mag for that matter.
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  15. bfish

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    Yeah I've seen that video pretty intense!