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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Webphisher, Mar 18, 2012.

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    So I went to the Tanner Gun Show in Denver today. My dad and I are cruising up and down the isles. I'm on the look out for a lefty AR, G34 Gen4, and any cool deals. I get to a vendor selling mags for $21 a piece and $34 for the 33 round 9mm mag, Glock factory. So I get to G21 mags and one 33 round mag. Found a Gen4 G34 but $700, I got my Glock coupon so I can get it for $480 once it comes in so I passed on it. Found a couple nice looking 17L's.

    Found the deal of the show, NIB never fired PSG-1. I didn't even ask to hold it because they don't make them anymore and I didn't wanna devalue it. But they let me touch it and takes its picture. Gun of my dreams btw and I finally got to see one, and a new unfired one at that!

    So time is going on and were on the last isle, and I kinda wanted to skip it, my back was hurting and I was wussing out. But what the hell one more isle. I get to the very last vendor and see a great deal on a 17L and MIC like holsters. I'm ringing up the MIC like holster and my dad motions to me. 25th Anniversary G17, $600 out the door. Oh man, I hemmed and hawed and finally bought it. OMG this thing is pure sex for Glock collectors. I will have pics up later tonight, this thing is too pretty for cell phone pics, so I'll fire up the studio later tonight. So I get it out, and we didn't even see till we got out that its 157/2500! To get one this low on the numbering chart for $200 less than I've seen it, I feel like I got the steal of the show!

    New collectors gun, and getting to touch the gun of my dreams, SOOOO worth the $7 entrance fee :D

    Bah, can any of the mods rename this "Gun Show Visit"?
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  2. glocknloaded

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    Amazing find/deal can't wait to see picks! Please don't tease us for 2 long :)

  3. Webphisher

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    Posting in the pics thread :D Took a ton of pics today.
  4. voyager4520

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    I wonder how the plate is attached to the grip. Can you see anything inside the magwell besides the normal black plastic?
  5. Webphisher

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    Hmm lemme go check...

    Nothing at all, smooth as all the others.
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    Nice man, nice! Good score!
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    Why can I never find deals like this at a gun show? haha And the PSG-1 isn't that a military sniper rifle?
  8. Webphisher

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    Yes it is, HK 800m range sniper rifle. So amazing :D