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    COOKEVILLE, TN (WSMV)—Despite a sign prohibiting weapons, police said three people had brought guns into a movie theater Friday night where the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" was showing.

    According to the Herald Citizen, all of the gun carriers had permits.

    Police said the movie was stopped briefly and officers entered the Carmike Highland Cinemas on South Jefferson Avenue around 9 p.m.

    According to investigators, a theater employee called police after seeing a man with a holstered pistol walk into the theater.

    Police found the gun carriers after making an announcement in the theater.

    The officers explained the policy prohibiting weapons and asked the men to return their guns to their vehicles, which police said they did.

    Police said the theater sign showing that weapons are prohibited was not large enough to be seen easily, so officers advised that it should be made more visible.
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  2. Good for the cops because in TN those signs mean a lot and one can get in some nice deep poo.

    Recently I've caught myself stopping and doing double/triple takes at strange entrances to make sure one of those signs aren't there.

  3. I've not seen any such sign here at our local theater in Crossville, TN. I always carry when I go to the movies. If I ever do see such a sign I'll simply not go back to the theater again and as I leave I'll explain that to the manager. I have a HCP(Handgun Carry Permit, allows open or CCW carry), passed the local, State and Federal background checks to get it, if that isn't good enough for the manager to allow me to carry then screw him. I'll wait and get the movie from the Red Box for a buck and spend the money I save on more ammo.
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    That is good to know. I do plan on going to Tn for Vacation in the next several years! I always check the CCW rules before I go into a State I have never carried in.
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    The urge to go armed where it is not allowed in civilian (ie, non-government) locales is a strong urge indeed, but one that must be given careful consideration before doing.

    In Nevada, a CCW permitee is allowed to ignore No-Gun signs on private property, but must be ready to leave immediately when asked to leave due to the gun (otherwise it is trespassing), unless it is a condition of employment (which is a matter between the employer and the employee).

    In other states (Arizona comes to mind) these signs carry the weight of law and cannot be ignored.

    Personally, i would wish to urge all law abiding armed citizens to have a care with respect to what rules they wish to abide by, and to carefully weigh the consequences of carrying where they know they shouldn't. You just know that the media is just waiting for a CCWer to mess up publicly....dont give them the ammo for another attack on our gun rights.
  6. GA is totally different. They can have a sign, you can carry in until seen and asked to leave. If you don't leave when asked THEN you are in a position to get in trouble.

    TN is just straight up no go if one of those stupid signs are up. Well I say no go.......don't get caught.
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    Same with PA. Criminal trespass with a weapon. If you don't leave.

    I accidentally carried into a PO the other day. :eek:
    Walked in...realized that I was carrying and hightailed it out of there post haste (no pun intended).

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    i second that...had this same disscusion tonight...left a commie theater that had a no fire arms poster posted...that was in louisville ky...came back to indiana and was happy to see that my local theater has no such signs posted....
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    Utah is the same as GA fortunately!!! It is also interesting that the century theaters here don't have the no guns allowed sign. After the colorado shooting it was stated that the century theater chain is anti gun nation wide…apparently not in Utah!!
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    I'm not a lawyer and don't play one TV.

    But I do think I understand the word intent. A criminal has show their intent to break a law by their decision to act/behave in a certain manner. The same can be said for a law abiding citizen that trys to undertand and abide by the laws thay are educated in.

    So to read what I see here, there are folks on this forum that promote knowingly breaking the law when you believe it is in your best interest, or because somehow you believe you are above the law. To me as I understand that, you are acting with criminal intent and it makes you no better than the thugs we wish the worse for.

    Sorry but I can not condone such behavior nor do I want it said that I went along in any shape manner or form in trying to justify that style behavior. I have tried to always follow the laws or attempt to change the ones I did not like thru the proper channels. As a CWP holder I can not find any reason to hold myself to a higher level than any other law abiding person in my community. Especially when it comes to firearms except to say I undertand that I have a higher duty to understand the law as it pertains to me when I carry a firearm.

    I too do not enjoy having to make difficult decisions when I find I either have to remove my CW or shop else where. In my state the property owners wishes' are upheld, private and public. But I make those choices and go on my way. There isn't any need in my opinion but to follow the law for the time being. To tell people of our like mind that it is OK somehow for them to purposely break the law makes us no better than the gang leaders telling their newbies how to do the same.
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  11. Amen brother! Preach on!! I would do the exact same thing! I live in Fatetteville, TN and I carry everywhere except my work facility, Post Office (which I rarely go into), the courthouse(signs clearly posted, but again rarely enter) and inside any school building(signs posted), but will it will be in my car in the parking lot. I know that TN is an open carry state, but wouldn't do that I don't want to deal with the drama of anti-gun nuts calling the police on me and I like to keep the element of surprise for the bad guys! I live within 30 mins. of Huntsville, AL and my wife, kids and myself visit Huntsville frequently for entertainment including movie theaters, but even though AL doesn't have the same reciprocity as TN, they do honor TN permits, however your gun MUST be concealed! I haven't seen any "No firearms allowed" signs, but I'm not looking that close for them either! I'd rather have a firearm and not need it than need it and not have it!
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    Understand your point G-23 but I would draw a distinction between "the law" as you discuss it and simple policy. In Utah there are areas that are by law gun free zones (court house, secure areas of airports, etc) and in those I never carry, but aside from that a few private businesses post signs stating no guns. These signs do not carry any legal weight by themselves. If I carried there and was discovered to have a gun all they can do is ask me to leave. If I refuse then I have legal issues, but only if I refuse.
    I understand your point and generally agree, but there are times in the other venues I describe where carrying is still an option as long as it is truly CONCEALED…just my $.02.
  13. I'm not re-reading all the replies here but I don't remember anyone knowingly posting that they intentionally break the carry laws. In GA for example the cops from both GA and TN along with CCW instructors tell you that in GA feel free to CCW in places that have the signs posted up until the point you are asked to leave.{except true gun free zones such as goverment buildings}. So I don't think any of us that have similar laws intentionally break the carry laws or posted such. Now in TN I have to w/o a doubt obey the signs......which sux. So many places have lost my business over this.
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    I dont agree everyone breaks a law to a certain degree. I watch cops do it all the time, then ticket people for doing the same thing. I would rather have my gun than not. If someone broke the law that night in Colorado it would have went a lot different. I want to protect my family at all times. Following the LAW caused a lot of casualties. Imagine knowing you could have done some, that won't be me and I have to break a law so be it. I would rather go to jail knowing I PROTECTED MY FAMILY AND OTHERS. Know days you have to its less officers and they have a right to decide not to help!
  15. Well, the first part of my last post isn't true anymore......;)
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    Took my glock to see Ted last night with my gf. If you don't want people calling the cops don't let people see your gun lol
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    I agree that we should all obey the law. I agree with the post that said that you shouldn't do business, if possible, with a company that enforces a gun free zone.

    But I just have to add that if a person is properly concealing, no one would know to start with. Any one that would go into a "gun free zone" with open carry is asking for trouble, and probably has other issues also.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I am of the understanding that the only no gun signs that hold legal water in Arizona are signs posted for public buildings and events, schools (not college), Poling places, and hydroelectric/nuclear facilities, not private property. Otherwise any other place you can be asked to leave and be trespassed if you don't.

  19. If a law tries to take away my Constitutional Rights then I choose to disobey that law in an act of Civil Disobedience because IMHO the Law in null and void in the first place(Jim Crow Laws come to mind here, they were "Laws" but were Constitutional Unsound in practice so by their very nature should have been broken). Laws that deny Legally Armed Citizens that have passed numerous background checks in order to get their permit fly in the face of common sense. Who else can you trust more then a Legally Armed Citizen to be armed if/when something like the Colorado Movie Shootings takes place. After all a big part of the 2nd Amend. is to provide for the common protection of citizens.
    I think that any establishment that won't allow a Legally Armed Citizen the Right to carry on their property could be Boycotted by all Firearms Owners and a petition should be signed and addressed to that establishment stating that we the undersigned refuse to give patronage to their business until they change their anti-gun policies. As always, JMHO, YMMV.
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  20. +1 on that brother! Agree 100%! When I took my CCW class 8 yrs ago, the instructor on the record taught us by the book and reviewed all the places that we couldn't "legally" carry, however, off the record told us and I quote "Where I go, my gun goes!" Now, by no means was he suggesting that we practice his carry philosophy, but I do agree!