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    Has anyone ever used Gunbroker? If so how does the money side work? I bought a gun and used a credit card, now the seller wants payment. Does the initial "purchase" hold the gun until its paid for through the seller?
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    I know most of them will charge 3% more than the price on the listing. I wonder if they do COD and you can give the money to the FFL guy. I know you can't use PayPal but moneybookers might allow it.

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    What do you mean you used a credit card? To set up your account? Because that has nothing to do with paying the seller. You pay them directly, whether it's by credit card via phone/web, or by sending a money order/cashier's check via mail.

    No one does COD to your FFL. Until it gets to your FFL, they don't even know if you're going to clear the background check to buy it If for some reason you don't and it has to be sent back, you're probably going to lose 15% in a restocking fee. They want their money before the gun leaves their shop.
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    Thanks for the input I had no clue never used them!
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    I just bough a g23 "lower" from a dealer in AK. Paid via CC and he shipped to my FFL. I'll have to do the background thing at the local FFL and he'll transfer the lower to me.

    As stated before, the original CC thing is to setup your account.

    each aucstion specifies its own payment terms.

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    I've bought quite a few guns, slings, etc. from various dealers on the Gun Broker site, and as dwcfastrice said above, each seller stipulates how they want to get paid. Most of them are pretty easy to deal with. But it helps to have a dealer where you are that is friendly to you. The local dealer I use never charges me anything for being the receiving FFL. But we're good friends, & I buy guns from him all the time.
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    I'm waiting on the transfer for my M&P Shield from CO.
  8. Yea, when you first set up an account, Gunbroker asks you for a card to put on record incase you back out of an auction or for other penalty charges, but it has nothing to do with payment for winning auctions. Payment is determined between you and the seller at the the end of the auction via e-mail.
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    Like he said. Just made my second purchase on Gunbroker. First time the dealer was not accepting credit cards and I sent a money order. Second time I paid by cc to make the whole thing quicker but it was an extra 3%. It does help to have an ongoing relationship with a lgs to transfer. I've bought a few guns through mine so he's happy to help out. If it's a standard sort of purchase I'll go with him 'cause he gives me a decent price and even if I could save a couple of bucks on the purchase price I make way more back not paying a transfer fee and probably shipping too.