Gun Vault Safes?

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by 99tjnc, Dec 30, 2011.

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    No personal experience but most of those can be opened by hitting the lid sharply. Search for it on youtube.

    It bounces the small coil plunger allowing you to open the door. The coils are LVDC and don't have the amp/turns to move a stronger armature (lock plunger) so by design they are easily foiled.

    The mechanical lock boxes are the better option.

    No experience with that link, just a fast google to show the style I'm talking about. They cost more, but there is no battery either.

  3. I have a similar safe and I really like it. It's not going to keep all the bad guys from your guns but locks are meant to keep honest people honest. Given enough time, a criminal will open anything that's locked. This is a great tool to keep my 6 year old away from my guns.
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    I keep my GunVault screwed into my night stand, in turn it's bolted into the floor. Is my gun safely secured? As far as safety is concerned, yes.

    Even a wall safe can be ripped out with a crow bar. If you're worried about security for your weapon, then start with a burgler alarm on your doors and windows. maybe an excellent alert dog, like a rat terrier and, if you're really serious, a Ft. Knox gun safe through-bolted to the floor or welded to a support column in the basement.

    All jesting aside, the GunVault is great for it's intentions. I have a mess of grandkids that are always at the house. I trust the GunVault. Need I say anything else?
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    I've got a Stackon pushbutton pistol lockbox that I kinda like. I also have a Homak pushbutton lockbox that has pissed me off since the day it was given to me - I'll only use it as bait, and I will NEVER buy a Homak product.
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    How do you like your gun safe?? I picked up a Bio lock style for my gift to me for Christmas. It is great to keep the kids away from my guns, for a experienced thief not so much, that is what the big safe is for LOL.
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    I forgot to update this lol.

    I got the safe that day, and I LOVE it. I got the 4 button one, just because I've had bad experiences with biometrics in the past. I've got it secured pretty well, and its hidden too. It's a great safe so far and I hope to use it for a long time!
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    Good to hear as I am needing one for my shop, I always have a gun on my person and usually a back up close by my work area. At night I would like to keep the back up in a vault just in case of a break in. So far my biometric vault has opened every time on the first try and with all family members prints programed to open it and it has a 4 button override combination also. I feel the wife and daughter are more likely to get into it during a panic situation with the biometric option. I hope this proves to be a wise choice.
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    I have a similar gunvault and really like it. As far as keeping the bad guys out, I'm sure whether you have a $49 or $500 safe, they will find a way in. If you have buy your yet, I got mine from their website and on ebay. Much cheaper for the same product you find in GanderMT
  10. Very informative!

    First time i heard someone else use that saying!