Gun Theft! Are you prepared?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by MikeMT, May 31, 2012.

  1. MikeMT

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    Big reality check for Mikey today. Spoke to a gentleman this morning that said he had all 12 of his guns stolen recently....some very valuable dollar wise and sentimentally. Law enforcement informed him the odds are very low he'll get any of them back. He made the mistake of not documenting serial numbers, makes, models, etc... HE knew what they were but couldn't prove they were his if they turn up in a crime or in a pawnshop.

    Needless to say, I came home and took pics and documented every firearm my family owns!

    Do you take these preparations 'just in case'? If not, what steps do you take?
  2. william488

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    I currently have not done that with my firearms but you got me thinking. I'm going to do this tonight. I have all my electronics photos and even my dvd's (listed with purchase locate, date, and price paid). Why I don't have that for my guns. I know not why. Will by 8 pm tonight. Thanks!

  3. bhale187

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    Pics and serial numbers should be kept in multiple locations including a way to access from anywhere ie email yourself a list of the serial numbers and the pics of the guns along with reciepts if you have them.
  4. william488

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    Ya good rule of thumb. All my electronics and DVD info is emailed to me plus keep info in a "cloud" location. Do not rely on only one location to keep my info safe. My security cameras record to hidden network hard drive and a "cloud" location that overwrites it self every 7 days.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Got mine photographed and logged. Also helps for insurance claims for those of us who have them insured. I have a list in a logbook, printed photos, electronic photos, and receipts of ever firearm I own. Even have info on my knives and electronics.
  6. Well, if they figure out how to disable my home security system...and can either carry out my cement bolted safes or can pick my safe combinations, I do have pics of each of my guns including basics like model number and accessories and of course serial numbers all recorded in a safety deposit box as well as in a file on my computer and my phone....granted, I understand that if my guns are stolen I'll never see them again, but my insurance will cover them. It's a fool to think a pro cannot get to my personal belongings if they are professional enough...but I guarantee a cheap cat burglar will not wanna break in...and if they do, and the alarm goes off (which will notify my key fob) they better hope like hell the cops get there before I do.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

  8. glocknloaded

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    How can I insure my firearms? I would love to move forward with that.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Fine print of the homeowners insurance policy, plus NRA.
  10. bhale187

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    Call your renters or homeowners insurance agent, ask what they cover, up to what amount, and if it is not enough ask about adding a 'rider' for additional coverage.
  11. jonm61

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    I recently went through and photographed all of my guns, each sitting on a piece of paper that I had printed the make/model/caliber/serial number of each. I included magazines and accessories in the pictures. I also created a spreadsheet that documents the same info. With my long guns, I had to take multiple pics and documented the accessories (stocks, quad rails, optics), noted any aftermarket parts, 2 stage triggers, etc., but I didn't include all the magazines in the pictures. I documented them on the sheet under the gun, with the gun's info on it. I'll probably go take pics of them later. After I was done, I found some handgun magazines that I bought recently and hadn't put away yet, so I took pics of them and updated the spreadsheet.

    All saved on my laptop and an external hard drive. I need to add a couple of more spots and stick the HD in my fire safe.

    I have the receipts for all of my guns and most of my accessories, which I need to scan and add to the files.
  12. mauro3005

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    I brought the topic of having your receipt wit serial number. Or documenting your serial numbers because a gun can't be reported stolen without the serial number. So go do it now that way you can protect yourself and help keep guns out of the wrong hands! A gun can't be confiscated unless the person is a felon or it was reported stolen. If they are a felon then you won't get the gun back if you didn't report the serial number. I have a friend that got his 357. Mag stolen and 2 or 3 years later it turned up at a pawn shop with new nicer grips on it! So it was a win for him.
  13. mankster

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    The first thing I do with a new gun is bring it home and scan the paperwork and receipts. I also do the all sides of the gun with any numbers. It then gets put on carbonite backup.
  14. dutchs

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    Welcome to the forum Mankster! Enjoy.
  15. wrpNYFL

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    In Westchester County, NY the serial number is on the permit...
  16. sgtcowboyusmc

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    I would also look at keeping a copy in a safe deposit box. I really don't trust all this Electronic Back up stuff! Yeah I am an Old Fart always keep a paper back up in a safety Deposit box or similar safe keeping away from your residence!
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    Food for thought, thanks for posting!!
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    Wow....good ideas on this thread.

    Thx gang!
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    A good solution...

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