Gun Show "deals"???

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  1. I've never been to a gun show before.:eek: Tomorrow we are planning to go to one.:)

    So -- for the gun show newbie, what kind of great deals should I be looking for???:confused:

    I don't want a new gun. I just bought my G19. But I know I could use a better range bag; and I've heard that ammo an be cheap at these sales.

    What kinds of things do I watch for in choosing ammo?
    What other things do they sell at these shows that are extraordinary deals?

    All help appreciated!!!
  2. SquadCapt4

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    Every gun show I've been to, not very good deals on firearms. There are usually some folks, other than dealers, looking to sell or trade. But I'm kinda leery about that. Only reason I go any more is for bulk ammo. I've found a few deals on that

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Know the approximate retail prices of the ammo / range bags you intend to buy before hand,

    so that you know a deal when you see one...

    Gun shows in my area sell everything from parts to scopes to books to knives to just about

    anything gun related...enjoy the outing and let us know what you find...
  4. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Bulk bullets, bulk primers for me, every single local gun show.

    Clothing and accessories (probably have tons of nylon holsters, belts, and range bags), lights and lasers. And AR-15 parts and accessories, too!
  5. KeenansGarage

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    I normally go to buy ammo or accessories. Gun shows are good for finding something special that you don't normally see every day, but don't expect to get a great deal!
    A few guidelines to help you get through your first gun show:
    1.Ask before you touch. Some deals don't care, but some do. It is always safer to ask.
    2.You will meet some rude and idiotic dealers. Remember, there are many more rude and ignorant buyers. Don't be one of those.
    3.Find out where these guys have their shops/stores. Sometimes you can go in the store, get regonized from the show and get a better deal down the road.
    4.Remember the cost of the gun show. Around here, they are typically around $7-8 bucks. If you only saved yourself $3 dollars on ammo, was it worth it? I enjoy going to look at the wide selection, so it is still woth it to me.

    The best part of gun shows is that you meet a bunch of other gun loving folks like us!
  6. Ryan92

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    Most of the "good deals" at gun shows are done when the doors are closed. Vendor to vendor buying, selling and trading. I keep an eye out for magazines and other accessories and odd ball stuff. Like someone else said though, you need to remember what it cost you to get into the show. That $10 mag that you just got really cost you $20 with admission.

    Use your smart phone if you have one. RESEARCH what you want to buy. I walk away and look things up for price and reviews before I go back to wheel and deal.
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    There was so many things I wanted to buy at the gun show I went to today, but I ended up getting an awesome leather belt for only $18 and a bed holster haha. But I agree with what has been said already. You will hard pressed to find an "awesome" deal at a gun show. But sometimes you can find odd weapons that your local store doesn't carry. This gun show I went to had no deals on ammo :( it was depressing. This guy was selling .40 S$W in 1000 round boxes for $350! Stupid...
  8. h -- how very sad and disappointed I am. :(

    This show should have been called the 'knife and rifle' show.

    They had VERY few pistols at all there -- and I saw NO Glocks.
    There were only two vendors selling ammo. The 9mm was $11 / box. Nothing outstanding. I've been buying it for $10 / box at my local gun shop.

    We left after less than an hour and went home empty-handed.

    So now I'm going to wait until I hear about a major show around here that somebody I know has gone to. Unless I hear fantastic things, I'm not wasting my time (or entry fee!!!)
  9. 3L3C7R0

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    I'm curious... Do you bring your guns with you that you hope to get accessories for?
  10. I did not. I don't know what is "standard." I just figured if somebody is selling accessories, they'd better know what each accessory is designed to fit.
  11. SHOOTER13

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    I've been to plenty of gun shows that people walk around with rifles slung over their shoulders,

    (with the action closed by a tie wrap) and little flags sticking out of the barrels with the "for sale" price

    and other details...
  12. Glocked

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    The best time to buy at a gun show is in the parking lot.
  13. brutusvk

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    I was not impressed by the gun show today. But still bought some stuff. (cleaners, lubes, frog lube, targetsand a couple of flashlights) Then ended up at Cabela's and spent more money. lol
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  14. SquadCapt4

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    As far as bringing your gun to the show, the organizers here will not allow loaded weapons or mags in the door. Weapons are okay but the action has to be locked open or plastic tied. Our local LEO is usually at the door doing the weapons check. We had a vendor (of all people) discharge a round at a show about a month ago. Unloaded the mag but forgot about the one in the chamber. Was showing his personal carry to a customer and had his hand over the muzzle. :rolleyes: Lost a thumb and was charged with firing a weapon inside the city limits. Just glad no one else was seriously injured. He thought, as a vendor, he was above the rules.
  15. Webphisher

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    Went to the gun show today, cool stuff to look at, but at the last table I found a 25th anniversary G17 for $600 :D
  16. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Don't get too discouraged. Some shows are good, some are not. It just depends. The show you went to this weekend may be nothing compared to the next show that comes through.
  17. triggerhappy

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    Check out the web listing for gun show schedules in your state. Rule of thumb: the more the tables (vendors) participating, the better the show. RK Gun Shows are the best with over 2000 tables per show. In Georgia, their March show draws thousands of attendees. I had to stand in line for 15 minutes just to get in! But it was so worth it. The ones that come to the south are also Eastman and Gunrunners. If it's only 200-350 tables then don't even bother as it won't be worth your time or admission money.
  18. Donn

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    Gun shows always hype the great deals that can be found, but as others have stated, unless you've done your homework, deals are few and far between. You're better off watching for sales at Cabela's, Bass Pro, or your local sporting good stores. After attending these things most of my adult life, two things come to mind. 1) I think a lot of dealers come out to show off. "I've got it and you don't." And, 2) They must like lugging their stuff to/from shows.