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Gun Scrubber

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Hey all I am new with the gun scrubber product, so far it seems to do its job. I have German officer Sig P6 trade in that I bought when I was 21 and never detail stripped it, I shot it a bunch and did a normal field strip and clean but again never detail stripped it and cleaned it.

I am now getting around to the detail stripping it and holy hell is it dirty. I used the gun scrubber and it cleaned up really well. All the powder residue that has been on there for the past 5 years or maybe even longer since before I bought it broke free and wiped away.

My question and worry is, Do I need to apply oil after using the gun scrubber? I mainly used it on the breach block/firing pin assembly. I know it isn't a good thing to use oil where the FP is, but I ham a bit worried about the metal corroding and developing rust.
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Most abrasive solvents like bore scrubbers will strip any type of contaminants including oils. I would try to get a hold of a manual to reference oil points. I've never oiled a firing pin assembly on any of my firearms, it just leaves it open to collecting residue and dirt. Heck, I even oil mine after using Hoppes or CLP, even though they are mild lubricants themselves. Of course, that's usually after I wiped them dry.

I know with Glock's it a little different, but I generally LIGHTLY oil any bare metal surfaces on a firearm I intend on storing for any length of time, especially metal to metal contact points. I also inspect them regularly. Cheers!
Gun Scrubber is not an oil or preservative...I always wipe the stuff

away then apply oil / CLP as you would normally do...
Just be careful where you use Gun Scrubber. I've seen it fuse plastic pieces to each other.
Just be careful where you use Gun Scrubber. I've seen it fuse plastic pieces to each other.
It is essentially the same as brake cleaner so I wouldn't use it on any plastic.

Maybe I will give the FP assembly a wipe down of Frog lube and wipe it off I don't use the Sig nearly as much as my G's but It doesn't sit very long.
I've got some Gun Scrubber. The only time I use it and it's not every time....more like every 4th or 5th time I detail strip the slide just to make sure the firing ping channel is perfectly clean for the next 5-6000 rounds.
I called Gun Scrubber and they said if it's 10oz or 13oz can it's perfectly safe to drown your glock in it. The old formula was too strong so they redid the formula and took all the harsh stuff out.. I spray my receiver out and then blow it out with canned air and GTG.
Non Chlorinated Brake Cleaner is OK too. I can't see Brake Cleaner being bad since it's used for brakes and I spray out wheel cylinders and calipers and they have rubber.. I also use 99% alcohol with long stem Qtips after that, those work real good..
I have used the "polymer safe" Scrubber they now produce many times on my
handguns. M&P 40c and Shield 9mm. I've seen people at the range spray Breakfree
CLP down into their pistols and let them sit for about 10 minutes and then follow
that with Scrubber. And then blow them out with an air drum with hose. They seem
to like it that way. Is that a better way to clean? I don't know.
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