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    As new gun enthusiasts join the Glock Forum, I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to come to for commonly used acronyms. If I missed any please add to the list.

    AAC --- Advanced Armament Corporation
    AAR --- After Action Review
    ACC --- Remington ACCelerator
    ACLJ --- American Center for Law and Justice
    ACLU --- American Civil Liberties Union
    ACOG --- Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
    ACP --- Automatic Colt Pistol
    ACR --- Adaptive Combat Rifle (Remington)
    ACS --- Adaptable Carbine/Storage
    AD --- Accidental Discharge
    AE --- Action Express
    AFA --- Armed Females of America
    AFAIK --- As Far As I Know
    AG --- Attorney General
    AH --- Adam Henry/Azz Hole
    AJHP --- Aluminum Jacketed Hollow Point
    AK --- Avtomat Kalashnikova/AK47/AK74/
    ALM --- Angry Little Man
    AO --- Adjustable Objective
    AOW --- Any Other Weapon
    AP --- Armor Piercing
    APFSDS --- Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
    API --- Armor Piercing, Incendiary
    APT --- Armor Piercing, Tracer
    AR --- ArmaLite Rifle, AR-15
    ART --- Adjustable ranging telescope
    ASA --- Australian Shooting Association
    ATM --- At This Moment
    AW --- Assault Weapon
    AWB --- Assault Weapon Ban
    B&D --- Bain and Davis
    BALL --- Ball Ammo/FMJ/TMJ
    BAR --- Browning Automatic Rifle
    BATFE --- Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Explosives
    BBL --- Barrel/Bull Barrel (Rifle barrel that is thicker then the normal hunting rifle barrel)
    BBWC --- Bevel-Base Wad Cutter
    BC --- Ballistic Coefficient
    BCG --- Bolt Carrier Group
    BCM --- Bravo Company MFG
    BFH --- Barrel, Forged, Hammer (BFH)
    BG --- Bad Guy
    BHP --- Browning Hi-Power/P-35
    BIB --- Bug In Bag, like a 711 version of the BOB.
    BM --- Bushmaster
    BMG --- Browning Machine Gun
    BO --- Body Odor/Barry nOboma
    BOB --- Bug Out Bag
    BOD --- Born On Date
    BOF --- Bureau of Firearms
    BOL --- Bug Out Land (a place of retreat for when the Shumer hits the fan)
    BOR --- Bill Of Rights
    BP --- Black Powder
    BPCR --- Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
    BPE --- Black Powder Express
    BPV --- Bullet Proof Vest/Individual Body Armor
    BR --- Bench Rest
    BRB --- Be Right Back
    BRD --- Black Rifle Disease
    BRR --- Bench Rest Remington
    BT --- Boat Tail
    BTF---Brass to Face
    BUG --- Back Up Gun
    C3S --- C3Shooter - Kindly, harmless old gent that will keep smiling while he steals your wallet, watch, woman, and gets you to pay for the drinks.
    C&R --- Curio & Relic
    CAL --- Caliber
    CAR --- Colt Automatic Rifle/CAR-15
    CARL --- Curio and Relic License, 03 FFL
    CAS --- Cowboy Action Shooting
    CB --- Cast Bullet
    CC --- Concealed Carry
    CCL --- Concealed Carry License
    CCO --- A 1911 Classic Commander slide on an Officer frame
    CCP --- Concealed Carry Permit
    CCRKBA --- Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    CCW --- Concealed Carry Weapons
    CF --- Centerfire
    CHL --- Concealed Handgun License
    CIII --- Class III FFL - dealer of NFA firearms
    CIF --- Cash In Fist
    CIP --- Case In Point
    CL --- Remington Core-Lokt
    CLDF --- Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
    Clip --- A strip of metal that is used to hold cartridges together to facilitate the loading into (usually) an internal rifle magazine.
    CLP --- Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative
    CMP --- Civilian Marksmanship Program
    CMT --- Continental Machine and Tool Co.
    CNS --- Central Nervous System
    COA --- Citizen(s) Of America
    COF --- Course Of Fire, shooting stage in pistol event
    COG --- Center Of Gravity
    COM --- Center Of Mass/Center Mass
    CPHV --- Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
    CPL --- Concealed Pistol License
    CQ --- Close Quarter(s)
    CQB --- Close Quarter(s) Battle
    CQC --- Close Quarter(s) Combat
    CRL --- Curio and Relic License, 03 FFL
    CS --- Customer Service
    CTFD --- Calm The Foobar Down
    CTR --- Compact/Type Restricted
    CUP --- Copper Units of Pressure
    CWS --- Cold War Shooters
    DA --- Double Action
    DAA --- Double Action Automatic
    DAO --- Double Action Only
    DBY --- Day Before Yesterday
    DBA --- Doing Business As
    DB --- Douche Bag
    DCM --- Director of Civilian Marksmanship
    DD --- Daniel Defense
    DEWC --- Double Ended Wad Cutter
    DF --- Drop Free
    DPICM --- Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Ammunition
    DPMS --- DPMS Firearms, LLC/Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services
    DRN --- Dead Right Now
    DROS --- Dealer's Record of Sale
    DRT --- Dead Right There
    DVC --- Diligentia Vis Celeritas - Latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed
    EAA --- European American Arms
    EBR --- Evil Black Rifle
    EDC --- Every Day Carry - Knife, gun or that brother-in-law
    EDM --- Electrical Discharge Machining
    EDW --- Every Day Wear
    EMP --- Enhanced Micro Pistol - Springfield Armory
    EOP --- Elevated Optical Platform
    ERC --- Extended Range Carbine
    FA --- Full Auto
    FATS --- Firearms Training Simulator
    FC --- Forcing Cone
    FCG --- Fire Control Group
    FFL --- Federal Firearms License
    FM --- Farging Magic
    FMJ --- Full Metal Jacket
    FML --- Fully Metal Lined
    FN --- Fabrique Nationale d'armes de'Guerre/Flat Nose
    FNG --- Farging New Guy
    FNH --- Fabrique Nationale d'armes de'Guerre (National Factory of War Arms)
    FOB --- Forward Operating Base
    FOID --- Firearm Owner's Identification Card
    FORS --- Front-Opposite, Rear-Same (Sight adjustment mnemonic.)
    FOV --- Field Of View
    FP --- Flat Point / Firing Pin
    FPS --- Feet Per Second/Firing Pin Spring
    FS --- Front Sight/For Sale / Full Size (5" Government 1911)
    FSB --- Front Sight Block (Gas Block)
    FST --- Front Sight Tower / Winchester Fail Safe Talon (Black Talon)
    FTE --- Failure To Eject
    FTF --- FireArms Talk Forum/Failure To Feed/Failure To Fire/Face To Face (sale)
    FTN --- Failure To Neutralize - penalty
    FTRTB --- Failure To Return To Battery, slide fails to return a new round from the magazine to the chamber and lock
    FUBAR --- Foobared Up Beyond (All Recognition/Any Repair)
    FWIW --- For What Its Worth
    FYEO --- For Your Eyes Only
    GA --- Gauge -shotgun bore diameter
    GAP --- Glock Automatic Pistol
    GC --- Gas Check
    GCA --- Gun Control Act (of 1968)
    GDHP --- Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point
    GG --- Good Guy
    GI --- Government Issue
    GOA --- Gun Owners of America
    GOOD --- Get Out Of Dodge
    GPU --- Gas Piston Upper
    GR --- Grain
    GTFOH --- Get The Foobar Out of Here!"
    GTG --- Good To Go/Got To Go
    H&H --- Holland & Holland
    H&R --- Harrington & Richardson
    HBWC --- Hollow-Base Wad Cutter
    HC --- Hard Cast
    HD --- Home Defense/Heavy Duty
    HEAT --- High Explosive Anti Tank
    HP --- Hollow Point/Home Protection
    HPBT --- Hollow Point Boat Tail
    HPJ --- Remington High Performance Jacketed (Golden Saber)
    HS --- Hydra-Shok/Horse Sh1t
    HSC --- Handgun Safety Certificate
    HST --- Hammer, Sear, & Trigger
    IANAL --- I Am Not A Lawyer
    IAW --- In Accordance With
    IBA --- Individual Body Armor = Bullet Proof Vest
    IBS --- International Benchrest Shooters
    IDK --- I Don't Know
    IDPA --- International Defensive Pistol Association
    IIRC --- If I Recall Correctly
    IHMSA --- International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
    ILA --- Institute for Legislative Action - NRA
    IMBEL --- Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (Military Material Industry) a Brazilian state company, founded in 1975.
    IMHO --- In My Humble Opinion
    IMO --- In My Opinion
    IMR --- Improved Military Rifle
    IOW --- In Other Words
    IPSC --- International Practical Shooting Confederation
    IRL --- In Real Life
    IWB --- Inside the Waistband, holster
    IYO --- In Your Opinion
    JBB --- Jack Bauer Bag
    JDJ --- J. D. Jones
    JHC --- Jacketed Hollow Cavity
    JHP --- Jacketed Hollow Point
    JMB --- John Moses Browning
    JMHO --- Just My Humble Opinion
    JPFO --- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
    JRS --- Jon R. Sundra
    JSP --- Jacketed Soft Point
    K98 --- German Mauser 98 in karbine length
    KAC --- Knight's Armament Company
    kB --- kaBOOM!
    KMA --- Kiss My Azz
    KYPD --- Keep Your Powder Dry
    LAC --- Law Abiding Citizen
    LC --- Long Colt
    L-C/T --- Hornady Lead Combat/Target
    LCP --- Elsie Pea - Lightweight Compact Pistol
    LCR --- Elsie Ahrrrr - Lightweight Compact Revolver
    LDS --- Latter Day Saints
    LE --- Law Enforcement
    LEA --- Law Enforcement Agency
    LEAA --- Law Enforcement Alliance of America
    LEO --- Law Enforcement Officer
    LF --- Lethal Force
    LFI --- Lethal Force Institute
    LGS --- Local Gun Shop
    LHP --- Lead Hollow Point
    LMFAO --- Laugh My Foobaring *** Off
    LMT --- Lewis Machine & Tool Co.
    LOS --- Line Of Sight
    LR --- Long Rifle/Lower Receiver
    LRN --- Lead, Round Nose
    LRPK --- Lower Receiver Parts Kit
    LRT --- LaRue Tactical
    LSR --- Light Sniper Rifle
    LSWC --- Lead Semi-Wad Cutter
    LSWCHP-GC --- Lead Semi-Wad Cutter Hollow Point -Gas Check
    LTC --- Lead Truncated Cone
    LTL --- Less Than Lethal
    LV-JHP --- Low Velocity-Jacketed Hollow Point
    LWC --- Lead Wad Cutter
    LWRCi --- LWRC International, LLC
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    I had to divide the list into parts because we are limited to 1,000 characters per post.

    M193 --- 5.56x45mm 55-grain ball cartridge.
    M195 --- 5.56x45mm grenade launching blank.
    M196 --- 5.56x45mm 54-grain tracer cartridge, red cartridge tip.
    M202 --- 5.56x45mm 58-grain FN SSX822 cartridge
    M755 --- 5.56x45mm grenade launching blank specifically for the M234 launcher.
    M855 --- 5.56x45mm 62-grain FN SS109 ball cartridge, green tip w/steel penetrator and a lead core.
    M855 LF --- 62-grain green tip w/tungsten penetrator and a steel core. Lead Free
    M856 --- 5.56x45mm 64-grain FN L110 tracer cartridge
    M995 --- 5.56x45mm 52-grain AP cartridge, black cartridge tip.
    MAG --- Box Magazine/Magnum
    MC --- Metal Cased
    ME --- Muzzle energy/Middle East
    Mils --- Milliradians
    MIM --- Metal Injection Molding/Powder metal processing
    Mk262 --- 5.56x45mm 77-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge.
    MK318 --- 5.56x45mm 62-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge.
    MLU-26 --- Early USAF designation for 5.56x45mm ball cartridge produced by Remington.
    MM --- millimeter
    MMA --- Mixed Martial Arts
    MN --- Mosin Nagant
    MOA --- Minute Of Angle
    MOB --- Middle Of Back
    MOD --- Moderator
    MOE --- Magpul Original Equipment
    MRWC --- Mid-Range Wad Cutter
    MSH --- Main Spring Housing
    MV --- Muzzle Velocity
    NAA --- North American Arms
    NATO --- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NBRSA --- National Benchrest Shooters Association
    NCIC --- National Crime Information Center
    ND --- Negligent Discharge
    NDF --- Non-Drop Free - original glock magazines were designed to stay in the gun if the magazine release was pressed and there were rounds remaining in the magazine
    NEF --- New England Firearms
    NFA --- National Firearms Act (of 1934 )
    NFML --- Non-Fully Metal Lined magazines also known as Non-Drop Free (NDF)
    NGT --- New Gun Test
    NPR --- National Public Radio
    NRA --- National Rifle Association
    NSSF --- National Shooting Sports Foundation
    NRMA --- National Reloading Manufacturers Association
    NSSF --- National Shooting Sports Foundation
    O/U --- Over/Under
    OAL --- Office of Administrative Law
    OODA --- OODA Loop, Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. It takes ~0.25 of a second to cycle through this decision making process.
    OOS --- Out Of State
    OC --- Open Carry
    OM --- Oscar Mike/On the Move
    OP --- Original Post(er)
    opaww --- Hard core Azz Hole, commenly known as a hate monger, Radical right wing gun nut, Pro-American/pro-Constitution/pro-Bill of Rights
    O/S --- Over/Sized
    OT --- Off Topic
    OTB --- Out of The Box
    OTD --- Out The Door (Usually means tax, title and dealer prep.)
    OTF --- Out The Front (Auto knife)
    OTM --- Open Tip Match
    OTOH --- On The Other Hand
    OWB --- Outside the Waistband, holster
    PAFOA --- Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association
    PB --- Lead/Lead Bullet
    PBR --- Point Blank Range
    PBS --- Powdered Butt Syndrome (ask C3)
    PEBKAC --- Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
    PEBTAH --- Problem Exists Between Trigger And Holster
    PDS --- Piston Driven System RRA
    PDSC --- Piston Driven System Carbine RRA
    PDSP --- Piston Driven System Pistol RRA
    PDSR --- Pistol Driven System Rifle RRA
    PDW --- Personal Defense Weapon
    PERP --- Perpetrator, criminal
    PIRC --- Pre-Incident Response Conditioning
    PIRT --- Pre-Incident Response Training
    PITA --- Pain In The Azz
    PK --- A 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia
    PKM --- It (ПК Модернизированный: "Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized") is the current, modernized, product-improved version of the PK model
    PL --- Remington Power-Lokt
    PMS --- Pass My Shotgun/Punish Men Severely/Pardon My Sobbing/Packing My Sh1t/Pre Marital Sex
    POA --- Point Of Aim
    POI --- Point Of Impact
    POS --- Parent Over Shoulder/Piece Of Sh1t
    POST --- Peace Officer Standards and Training
    POV --- Privately Owned Vehicle
    PPC --- Pindell-Palmisano Cartridge
    PRI --- Precision Reflex Inc.
    PRS --- Precision Rifle/Sniper
    PSA --- Palmetto State Armory/Public Service Announcement
    PSI --- Pounds Per Square Inch
    PSP --- Pointed Soft Point/Plated Soft Point
    PUSH --- Practical Utility Shoulder Hold/Push Pack
    PWP --- Pistol Whipping Potential
    P&R --- Pinned barrel and Recessed cylinder
    Q --- Torque
    QA --- Quality Assurance
    QC --- Quality Control
    QFT --- Quoted For Truth
    QTY --- Quantity
    RBC --- Rifle Bore Cleaner
    RDK --- Rapid Deployment Kit
    RDS --- Red Dot Sight
    RE --- Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube)
    REM --- Remington
    REMF --- Rear Echelon Mother Foobarer
    REN --- Charles Rensing & Jim Rock
    RF --- RimFire
    RFB --- Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup
    RIA --- Rock Island Arsenal
    RKBA --- Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    RN --- Round Nose
    RNL --- Round Nosed Lead
    ROI --- Return On Investment
    RR --- Range Report
    RRA --- Rock River Arms
    RTFM --- Read The Foobaring Manual
    RUM --- Remington Ultra Mag
    S&G --- Sh!ts and Giggles
    S&H --- Sharpe & Hart
    S&W --- Smith & Wesson
    SA --- Semi Auto/Springfield Armory/Springer
    SAA --- Single Action Army
    SAAMI --- Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute
    SAF --- Second Amendment Foundation
    SAM --- Shooters Arms Manufacturing (in the Philippines)
    SAR --- Search And Rescue
    SAS --- Second Amendment Sisters
    SASS --- Single Action Shooting Society
    SBR --- Short Barreled Rifle
    SBS --- Short Barreled Shotgun
    SCAR --- Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle
    SCBS --- Shooter's Choice Bore Solvent
    SCSA --- Steel Challenge Shooting Association SCSA
    SD --- Self Defense/Sectional Density
    SDG --- Self-Defense Gun
    SE --- Special Edition
    SHTF --- Sh1t Hits The Fan
    SJSP --- Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
    SKS --- Samozaryadniy Karabin Simonov
    SLR --- Self Loading Rifle
    SMDH --- Shaking My Damn Head
    SM --- Supporting Member(s) - and some of the best damn people on the interwebz
    SMG --- SubMachine Gun
    SMLE --- Short Magazine Lee Enfield- the .303 caliber British Army rifle
    SN --- Serial Number
    SNAFU --- Situation Normal, All Foobared Up
    SO --- Significant Other
    SO(A)B --- Son Of A Beach
    SOB --- Small Of (the) Back
    SOP --- Standard Operating Procedure
    SP --- Soft Point/Spire Point
    SPC --- 6.8 Special Purpose Cartridge
    SPL --- Sound Pressure Level
    Spl. --- Special - As In .38 Spl.
    SPR --- Special Police Rifle/Special Purpose Rifle
    SPRG --- Springfield Armory
    SPTZ --- Spitzer
    SRT --- Special Response Team/Swift Response Team
    SS --- Stainless Steel
    SS109 --- NATO code for the M855 (US CODE) 5.56x45 62 grain FMJ
    SSA --- Single Action Army (Colt's SA Revolver/Colt 45)
    SSAA --- Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
    SSS --- Shooting Southern Style (canebrake style)
    STA --- Shooting Times Alaskan
    STE --- Shooting Times Easterner
    STHP --- Winchester Silvertip Hollow Point
    STW --- Shooting Times Westerner
    SUR --- Sport Utility Rifle
    SWAG --- Scientific Wild Azz Guess
    SWAT --- Special Weapons And Tactics
    SWC --- Semi-Wad Cutter
    SWMBO --- She Who Must Be Obeyed
    SWS --- Superior Weapons Systems
    SX --- (Hornady) Super eXplosive
    SXT --- (Winchester) Supreme eXpansion Talon (Black Talon)
    TANSTAAFL --- There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
    TBH --- To Be Honest
    TC --- Truncated Cone/Thompson Center
    TCFM --- Too Close For Missiles
    TCU --- Thompson/Center and (Wes) Ugalde
    TDI --- Tactical Defense Institute
    TEOTWAWKI --- The End Of The World As We Know It
    TFL --- The Firing Line
    TMJ --- Total Metal Jacketed
    TOT --- Time On Trigger
    TPF --- Ten Percent Firearms
    TRO --- Temporary Restraining Order
    TRP --- Tactical Response Pistol
    TTTP --- Thread Title and Tagging Project
    TU --- Tango Uniform
    UBR --- Utility/Battle Rifle
    UPLULA --- Universal Pistol Loader UnLoader
    USPSA --- United States Practical Shooting Association
    USRAC --- U.S. Repeating Arms Company
    VCDL --- Virginia Citizens Defense League
    VLD --- Very Low Drag
    WAGC --- Women Against Gun Control
    WC --- Wad Cutter
    WCF --- Winchester Center Fire
    WIN --- Winchester
    WMR --- Winchester Magnum Rimfire
    WP --- White Phosphorus/Willy Pete/Whiskey Papa
    WRT --- With Respect To
    WTB --- Want To Buy
    *** --- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot/What The Foobar?
    WTH --- What The Hell?
    WTS --- With That Said/Want To Sell
    WTT --- Want To Trade/Willing To Trade
    WWB --- Winchester White Box/Wally World Bullets
    WWFY --- What Works For You
    WYP --- What's Your Point
    XM287 --- 5.56x45mm 68-grain ball cartridge produced by Industries Valcartier, Inc. An Improved version was also produced designated XM779.
    XM288 --- 5.56x45mm 68-grain tracer cartridge produced by Industries Valcartier, Inc. An Improved version was also produced designated XM780
    XM777 --- 5.56x45mm ball cartridge.
    XM778 --- 5.56x45mm tracer cartridge.
    XM996 --- 5.56x45mm so-called "Dim Tracer" with reduced effect primarily for use with night vision devices.
    XTP --- (Hornady) eXtreme Terminal Performance
    YHM --- Yankee Hill Machine
    YMMV --- Your Mileage May Vary
    YOM --- Year Of Manufacture

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    This is awesome. Now whenever someone doesn’t know what someone else is talking about, we can just refer them to the lexicon lol

    On a serious note, thanks for taking the time to do this.
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    I agree... this is a great idea. There are so many acronyms in the firearms world, it’s hard for me to follow some posts. Good work!!!!
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    Prayer Warrior, I've found myself coming back to this thread at least four times since you posted it. The reason is that I still seem to run across so many acronyms that I don't know!

    One thing I just got finished doing (literally, just moments ago) was to copy-and-paste your whole list - both halves - into a Word document. Once I print it out, I plan to keep it on a clipboard hanging onto the wall next to my computer screen, at my office desk.

    I should add that one addition I made was to add "ACLJ --- American Center for Law and Justice" to the list, preceding the ACLU because of alphabetization. Which inspired a question for you...

    Can your list be made to be added to, so it can be always current with suggestions (as long as they are seen to be valid) instead of static? Just wondering, that's all.

    But as it is, it's the most comprehensive list of acronyms I've seen for the gun world I've ever seen!
    Thank you for the hard work you must have put into it!
    ...Doug in Kansas
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    Thank-you very much. I added your suggestion.

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    Im gonna publish this info on wiki.
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    Hey PW, how about BTF? I saw it in the articles section, "Glock 19 Gen 3 Mods to solve BTF issue". I read the article, and I still don't know what BTF means.
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    BTF= Brass to Face.
    Added above.
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    OK, that makes sense. The article was about the ejected casings hitting the article's author in the face. Ouch! Thank you PW.
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    My pleasure, always here to help.
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