Gun Range Suicide... SAD!

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  1. DevilDawg235

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    The crazy part about this is that I go there to shoot sometimes. And even bought my Glock 19 there.

    This happened in 2009 at that range BUT last week a man in his mid 50's walked in, rented a gun, got a lane and shot himself as well. Shooters around here call that place "Death Lanes" and think twice about going there.

    I no longer go there but I'm always looking around at the range where I go now thinking about this video ALL THE TIME. Everytime I enter a range, I make believe I'm going to sweep brass and secretely check everyone out for signs of being wacked out. Also I look closely to those with little white trays that the range puts their rentals.

    **Both cases have been with rentals**


    Has anyone ever seen any crazy things go down at the range?
  2. iGlock

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    Ive seen this video the year it happened. Very sad indeed. I do to think about this happening when i go shooting while theres others around. Cant be too careful.

  3. That happened at Blythes in Indiana. That's why they don't rent guns any more!
  4. sigpi11

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    That is sad! It is so hard to believe that a parent could take their own child's life.
  5. Like my wife just said she doesn't trust anybody at the range. If you look at this that can be anyone of us getting shot!! When your at the range are you watching your back? I know I don't, I'm concentrating down range.
  6. Ogre

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    I recall a local suicide at the local shop and range. The person was said to be calm and composed. Though the vid is bad I doubt this murderer looked wacked out.
  7. Glock19

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    Last year there was a murder suicide at the range I go to. I'm glad I wasn't there. Disturbing stuff! Last year I wore a t-shirt I bought from a gun shop in California. My class mate was an ex-cop from the same area. He told me every time they got a call regarding that particular range they knew it was a messy suicide. Crazy!
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  8. Webphisher

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    A year or two ago there was a huge investigation into a murder suicide at Cherry Creek Reservoir in Colorado. One of those huge cases that dropped out of the media almost as fast as it came in.
  9. DevilDawg235

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    Most rangers around here dont have a RO inside. However, after that incident in 2009, they have assigned an armed RO to walk around inside the lanes at that particular range.
  10. glocknloaded

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    Here where I live and I think all of California they won't rent you a firearm unless one you bring your own and then they will swap you for a rental or two you have to have someone with you to rent a firearm I asked why and they told me to curb suicide, I guess they figure your less likely to shoot your self with a family or friend with you.
  11. littleposerfish

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    that was just way sad. i cant believe what goes through peoples minds to do such horrible things.
  12. kimo

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    Are you talking about yesterday in south Florida? I was at the same range yesterday and it happened a little bit after I left.
  13. glocknloaded

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    Just watched the video man what a SICK Lady. The poor guy next to the lane is gonna be traumatized for life he was just helping them and then bang
  14. DevilDawg235

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    At Casselberry?
  15. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    That has to be traumatizing... I still remember the first time I saw someone lose their life when I was kid. Not cool!
  16. brutusvk

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    A guy killed himself at scottsdale gun club a few years back. A moron walked out onto a live fire a ben avery. (he wasn't hurt but is still stupid)
  17. kimo

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    No in delray
  18. Glock19

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    Too bad people cannot do it themselves! Curb suicide that is.
  19. Glock19

    Glock19 New Member

    Too bad people can't do that themselves curb suicide that is.
  20. Happysniper1

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    While the world may indeed be a better place without a "mother" like that, the tragic loss of this boy is beyond words.

    And as mentioned by others, I too hope the gentleman in the adjoining booth recovers from this as well.