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    I bought a new bag for going to the range and I like it. I was thinking of just leaving my Glock in the bag, and not in the nice plastic Glock case with foam that it came in. Is there any down side to this?
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    None that I can think of, my bag holds 2 pistols. It has one pouch on each side with a removable "fold-over" style pistol case, each of which is lined with the same kind of material that a standard zip up soft pistol case has, and then space in the center for ammo, extra mags, speed loaders or whatever.

  3. dslmac2

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    Great thanks. I know people leave there firearms stashed all over the house so I did not think it would be a problem, but just did not know if it would dry out the oils quicker than being in the protected foam case.
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    Another question: I live in Florida. I like to bring my range bag to work with me once or twice a week do I can stop at the range at lunch or after work. Is it bad to leave ammo and Glock in the car throughout the day? Summer can get hot, winter is very warm. I usually have been bringing into work, but just was wondering about any problems leaving it in the car.
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    What bag did you get?
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    What oil do you use? Most firearm lubricants will not tend to dry out in any appreciable length of time. In fact, high-end gun safes even have dehumidifiers in them (to control moisture and retard rust and corrosion). Storing in a range bag versus the padded case is more a question of the padding (and protection from scratches) than one of lubricants drying out.

    As far as safely storing in the car, are you more worried about the ammo cooking off or lubricants evaporating? I would suspect perhaps ammo cookoff, and if so, how hot does it get over there? I personally know of no cases where ammo has detonated due to heat while properly stored (meaning out of direct sunlight, less heat) in a car parked in the sun. Personally, I would be more concerned with someone breaking into my car and stealing the gun than I would be about the heat affecting it. I would imagine just make sure it is in a well-ventillated enclosure (not the shipping case) and you should be fine. By the way, most range bags look either like, well, range bags, or camera bags, a high-value item for thieves, and not something that should be left unattended for long.

    In the Nevada high desert, summer temps can go as high as 100*+, more in direct sunlight, and I have never had problems with leaving loaded mags in the car (the gun goes with me :p).

    You may need to look more into humidity and salt-laden air than into the gun drying out. A good, light wipe-down with oil and good wipe off of excess should be fine. Others may even recommend no oil at all (it is, after all, a Glock), but that's just me. Inspect the gun often, and if you find the oil has attracted lint, then there is too much oil.

    What kind of car do you have? Would there be a place to install a personal gun vault that is out of sight and out of direct sunlight? Perhaps that would be your answer?

    Good luck!
  7. I would like a good Glock bag
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    I just picked up a 511 black Canvas type tactical bag, mainly to have a place to store range ammo. It does get hot here in FL, 88 last week in February, 100 in summer and 120+ in a car in the summer I am sure. I have a VW Passat Wagon, I have the Cargo cover in the back that retracts and pull to cover any items in the trunk. Therefore anything would be out of sight and not visual. Front seats and rear seats are usually clean and free from any clutter, again, nothing visible for temptations. I do keep windows cracked or sunroof tilted up on really hot days.
    Yes, I guess I was mainly thinking about the heat which could be extreme heat in summer and the ammo in the car. Great News that there has not been many reports of heat causing ammo to do anything bad.

    By The Way: Glock Forum Rocks. Very happy to find it. All my questions I have posted have been answered. Thanks to all.
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    I was thinking of getting a range bag, but the free ones walmart gives the wife when she shops work great for me. You should see the 'experts' at IPSC shoots,when i show up. I get all kimds of advice, pointers and tips. They think Ima rookie or something. After I smoke a few stages I always thank them for helping me out.

    Good timea.....
  10. Sarabian

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    If you use a plastic shopping bag for a range bag - you are a rookie. Seriously, you expect us to believe you are the type that will take the shortcut of using a freaking WalMart bag to bring a firearm onto a range and then you are so awesome that you'll "smoke a few stages"? Right.

    New folks, please don't think that brining a firearm onto a range in a WalMart shopping bag is going to work on any range but the back yard. Do yourself a favor and get a quality range bag for the firearm. Want to bring hearing protection and ammo in a plastic bag? Targets you just got? Sure. Never bring a gun in a WalMart bag.
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    I own a Harley too kiddo, but i dont own a single harley shirt, leather vest, chaps, boots....... I guess that right there makes me a non biker or a noob. Son, yer killin me.

    If you think the most expensive range bag you can get will make you a better shooter knock yourself out by all means.

    You are exactly like the fellas at the shoots I go to.

    I stopped shooting IDPA after constant penalties for dumping mags on the ground, engaging targets in the wrong order.

    Lets see your range bag. Establish your bragging rights and how this bag makes you the supreme shooter you are.....

    For your information. I carry the gun on me to all matches, just like how i carry it every time i walk out the door. I see no need to bag it up. Only ammo in the bag son.
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    Don't call me son or kiddo. I'm in my 40s.

    What does having a Harley and no Harley swag have to do with anything? If you own a Glock, you have to have all items have the Glock logo to be a real shooter? Get a grip.

    Never said having a shooting bag makes you a supreme shooter. Never said you need the most expensive one you can get. I said NOT having a bag of any kind other than a WalMart plastic bag makes you a rookie. I still say that. If you think that's proper, then I think you have smoked a few too many stages.

    If you don't understand, you never will. If I am like the guys at the shoots you go to, then perhaps you might want to listen. If you got that many penalties for not doing as you were supposed to do, then I have a feeling the folks at the IPDA might just be glad to lose that one shooter.
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    I just use a cheap tackle bag. Keep one plastic container for spare parts/tools, ammo/extra mags in main compartment. Hearing/eye protection snap linked to outside, and weapon holstered on my hip.

    Guess I must be a redneck ;)
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    This morning I really liked this forum. This is the 2nd ***** section I have read today. It is somewhat entertaining, but I could definataly do without. People should just read and write there own stuff, mind your own business and laugh at things you find goofy and not bring down the forum.
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    First match I went to, I had my Glock on my belt (as usual), spare magazines on my belt (as usual), 2x 100-round plastic ammo boxes, and a WALMART plastic bag for my brass! Oh, and a Monster energy drink, too!

    I will, however, bring a range bag next time :D
  17. As long as he isn't putting any one else in danger of any thing who gives a F...
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    I don't leave any of my firearms in the foam clamshell cases they are sold in...that foam is like a sponge, and will hold dampness ( read humidity ) to the gun.

  19. Why are you so ignorant to so many members? Quit making personal attacks at other members of the forum... I hope the admins see some of your posts man, straight up ignorance...