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gun painting

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Does anyone know of someone that can do gun painting or know where to buy gun paint and templets
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Hello, BlueBoa87, and WELCOME to the Forum!

Please post an introductory *Hi There* in the Introductions Section so that other Members can get to know you.

Thank you.
What are you looking to paint? Duracoat is an option, you can buy a kit or sent it out to have it done. I think Nukingfuts on here has a deal going on duracoat.
Yep sure do! Thanks for the mention!

I have been Durcoating for years and would love to add yet another forum member to the list! I have had a great response to the sale, and welcome you to check it out. While Duracoat is not incredibly difficult, it can be tricky. First off you need an air compressor / air brush setup because the "DIY" kits come with a junky air can that makes it hard to get a nice paint job. There are other reasons, but unless you are good with paint (not spray paint, real paint from a gun) I strongly recommend a professional. My services are top notch and very fairly priced. Under this post is my signature, just click the Duracoat sale link in red and let me know if you have any questions!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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