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    There's a video from the GLOCK Store on a Super Magnet they sell where he emphasized the the three magnets were aligned so as to not magnetize the gun. He mentioned that prevented corrosion. Unfortunately, the item I got from Amazon does magnetize and now I'm wondering if that's really an issue. It's the number one selling gun magnet on Amazon with hundreds of five star reviews.

    The item is Tac-Mag Gun Magnet with 25 lb Rating. Have any used this one and had issues or any other magnet that magnetized their guns?
  2. Hey Garriga, I am a gun magnet.......every time I go to the LGS I attract a "gun" to come home with me.


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    Lol. I do the same but my wallet knows better. First need to get comfortable with what I have. Down the road. My wallet may not have a say in it. Lol
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    Maybe this is a stupid question... Why is it bad if it magnetizes your gun?

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    Apparently it might invite corrosion. That's the message I got from the video I saw unless he was just pointing out a benefit his magnet provided for sales versus fact. Had it not been for that video I'd never know to ask.
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    Sounds like a scam.
  7. Unless he's claiming to have a non-magnetic magnet, putting a magnet near ferrous metal CAN magnetize it, even if multiple magnets are used with varying "pole-arity".
    The fields will be far to weak to accelerate any corrosion, but CAN result in attraction of small particles of ferrous metals, and their stubborn adherence to the gun.

    I wouldn't give it a second thought.
    And I wouldn't buy from a source that uses sort-of-accurate-but-not-relevant info to sell a product.
  8. A holster can be mounted anywhere a magnet can be mounted, and has the added benefit of covering the trigger. Just saying that if OP has any concerns regarding using a magnet, a holster is a simple and effective alternative.
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    Metal is not more or less susceptible to corrosion due to magnetic field. The things that contribute to metal corrosion are: Susceptible alloy, moisture (especially electrolyte containing moisture like saltwater), and an intrinsic current flow. Typically, the current flow is caused by two dissimilar metals in contact with each other, but any alloy can be made to generate a very small internal current flow when "moving in a magnetic field". That magnetic field is usually the earth's. Having a static magnetic field in the metal object itself will not cause the flow of electrons, and not having it won't prevent or cause corrosion.

    Sounds like someone with too much internet, and not enough knowledge of the subject, is confusing some basic tenets of naval engineering.

    Ships were "degaussed" during WWII to prevent them from being susceptible to "S-down" mines set by Axis forces. Most Allied ships developed magnetic fields with a south-down/north-up orientation due to thier usual travel through earths magnetic field. Degaussing made them "invisible" to those mines. Sonar and radar made those detonation techniques obsolete.

    Magnetic field orientation and strength has virtually no effect on corrosion.

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    I believe that's exactly the point he was making.

    Went back and checked by leaving the magnet overnight and it's not magnetized. It only attracts metal when the magnet is attached as expected. Don't know if longer use would change it but I'll keep an eye on it.

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    I get that but the magnet provides concealment options and organization the holster doesn't. For example, I plan on using it in my Console Vault to keep it from sliding around and at home in certain locations where I want one stored but ready to go. Each will have a MIC Holster to protect the trigger. Magnets do provide some flexibility in storing/hiding.

    Based on the responses and further research I don't think the magnets are going to cause problems. I've yet to find any reporting that it has but I'll keep checking and evaluating the use of the one I have.
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    I have a Barska biometric safe mounted on the wall of my closet. I have two vinyl covered magnets holding my G19s or one 19 and one 17 in ready position. Very convenient...
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    I think N82 has been selling a magnetic gun mount for some time now too.
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    Made several by purchasing 50lb magnets at my local store that had mounting points on them , covered the magnet with duct tape to protect the finish, then put them in my strategic locations, at about $8.00 each.
    My next batch iam going to try using flex steel

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    K&J Magnetics has small powerful neodymium magnets I've used for various purposes and relatively cheap. I found them to be cheaper and stronger than store options. I just never considered them for guns. I guess you could grabs these and cover them in rubberized paint. Placing two together creates a stronger pull. I usually buy the 25 packs. Very cost effective.

    As for the one I specifically purchased for my gun, I discovered that in my car Console Vault if I place it backwards it creates a strong bond with my Vault yet enough holding power to keep my pistol stationary. Not strong enough to suspend but that's not needed. Just want it not moving yet I can quickly remove the pistol without the magnet being attached. The other option would require placing magnets outside the Vault to contact with that Store bought magnet but I went away from that because I noticed the magnet is so strong that in the awkward position the gun is in makes for a difficult retraction. For home or safe mounts might be different. These magnets are very strong. Best screwed to an object to allow quick removal of the pistol.
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    I think magnets are a bad thing for firearms, look at refrigerators with magnets stuck to them, if they are not wiped down occasionally it will cause massive rust. I was always told by my uncle to never use magnets on your weapons so I don't.

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    Wanted to update this thread. Been using the magnet with my G30 in my SUV for over a year without issue. No problems at the range. It’s not magnetized. No corosion on firearm or ammo. The carry ammo has been there six months plus. Probably close to a year. I’ll probably cycle it shortly. Don’t expect any surprises.

    Except for a few weeks. That G30 has been a dedicated truck gun. Comes out if I’m not carry something else. Otherwise sits there should I venture where I knew better and find it favorable to what I have on or wasn’t able to carry at the time. I’m going to go with the magnet has shown no bad affects and keeps my firearm in place vs possibly bouncing around. Plus I know exactly where it’s going to be should I need it.

    Have one for the home but keep forgetting to install it. That one is much more powerful. Put a few together and you can place a shotgun or AR just about anywhere knowing it’s not moving until needed.
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    I've been using magnets for years to stow firearms in various locations. No rust, guns are not magnetized. The last ones I bought from amazon, don't remember the brand name, but a magnet is a magnet.
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    The only documented incident of an auto pistol being magnetized occurred when an on duty police officer was standing close by an MRI machine when it was turned on in a hospital. This happened quite a few years ago, and my memory isn't 100% clear on the specific make/model, but I think it was a S&W 4500 Series. The effect on the stainless parts was only temporary, but the non stainless parts (springs), etc, had to be replaced because the gun wouldn't cycle properly. At any rate, the magnetic field produced by an running MRI is much more powerful than anything thats sold as a magnet for personal use.

    Update, I was in the ballpark, here's a Police 1 article link from 2003
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