Gun Free Zones

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  2. Even though both of those vids are meant in jest both have more truth in em' then you'd imagine. Thanks for posting them.;)

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    I haven't looked at the videos yet, but in general, the bad guys LOVE gun free zones. Nothing to threaten their "job".
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    Funny you say "job" as a person trying to get social security actually stated that the only job he ever had was robbing people....
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    Yeah, it's kinda like that....
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    I work in a gun free zone (higher ed) and have to tell you, it makes me really nervous especially with all the shootings on college campuses in the last few years.
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    I was Juvenile prison counselor for 3 years, but have taught for the last 2. I am very familiar with disarming at work. I currently use one of those Glock barrel locks to lock my Glock case to the seat support under my truck seat. Even if someone breaks into my truck, they can not take the case and it does not open enough for weapon removal.

    My undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice and my first Masters is in education (I say first, because May 2013 I graduate with my second masters, this one in CJ). In addition to teaching, I act as a liaison for the school and all the Juvenile Probation officers. I pull all of my highschool's adjudicated youth records and update the PO and court on their progress every nine weeks or as requested.

    When I first started shooting my local group made fun of me for choosing a pistol in 40 S&W instead of cheaper 9mm. Everytime we went to shoot they asked if I had to take a second mortgage. Because of all the LEOs I know from college and all the LEOs I work with I am frequenty the recipient of their left over range ammo. If you add all the hand-me-down ammo I am probably paying 25% for my 40 of what my 9mm friends are paying.
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    We need more signs like this!

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    Saw this today kinda shocked for this area.