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Gun Buying, Trading, and Selling.

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I got a pistol in a trade for some weapon acessories; How do I go about getting this gun in my name? (I live in Texas)
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Was it from the state you live?

If so{not knowing texas laws} a bill of sale should surfice

If not, you will have to have the other owner do a transfer from a FFL in his state to an FFL in your state which means the weapon would have to go back to the original state in order for one FFL to ship it to another FFL after fee's are paid.
a formal bill of sale? or a bill of sale typed on Word, that both parties sign?
One typed and signed would work fine. They are just the same as a vehicle purchase. Make sure you have the name and address of each party involved and the gun model, caliber, and serial number. Good luck!
Thanks guys; I had to sell a Beretta, looks I'll be getting another Glock shortly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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