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    Hello, I have been a Glock user for 20+ years. 28 years as a bomb tech, with 25 of those years in law enforcement retiring in 1995 . Currently teach HazMat and carry a Glock 21SF ( 45ACP ). Why do I carry a 45 - because they don't make a 46 ! My latest toy is a 2004 Jeep - Willys edition.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum EODtech !!

    Awesome Willys Jeep and first post...glad to have you on board and thanks for your service !!

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    You are invited to join the Alabama Glock Owners Forum. Something I came up with today since I saw the need. Invite all of your friends to join if they are interested as well.

    Craig Alexander
    Huntsville, Alabama
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum! I grew up in South AL, thank you for your service!
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    Welcome! I just moved back to Georgia from Troy, AL.