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  1. Agree...particularly on a EDC one. If ya really need the HG, reliability is first and foremost. Yes, yes, a lot of aftermarket doodads work fine but are you really going to notice the trigger when adrenaline is a pumping??!!

    My various Glocks(3) and my two son's Glocks(another 4) work great, shoot great..triggers and sights great...all box stock.
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    So happy for you but no details on what Glocks and if they get harsh caliber forces placed upon lightweight frames like G27 & G33. Within 6 years, the factory had to replace a cracked frame only used at weekly indoor gun range, Federal/Fiocchi/better std/light grains target ammo.

    If your Glocks are bigger, heavier and/or shoot lighter calibers than this then I agree with you, except for the trigger which has sent me to Springfield

  3. Recommended changeout at 5K? But have been known to go well over 20K? I just carry an extra OEM (plastic) (my range piece). For carry? Yeah 5K. I don't like changing **** with exception of connector and sanding down that aggravating trigger teat.
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    You have truly had bad luck with Glock. I know people who abuse the hell out of them and still have no issues. I have a 22 and a 23 that are into the 50-60K round count with little more than a recoil spring replaced every 5-10K rounds. I don't notice so much that I need a replacement, until I do, then can tell.
    If you "neeed" do dads to make the pistol work, then a Glock may not be for you. I have a friend who can't hit a barn if he's standing in the middle of it with a Glock. You can coach him up, but as soon as he puts it down, that is gone.
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  5. 9mm, I guess a 'lighter' caliber(?)..G17(2), G43, G48, G26....
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    I have one G17 that I use for competition at over 300,000 rounds and only 7 RSA's so far.