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  1. Am thinking of picking up a new guide rod assembly for my G17. Probably will go with a Tungsten, to help with the recoil and muzzle flip.

    I have the factory plastic in it now.

    I'm debating on the spring poundage. Factory weight is the 17 pound spring, but I'm debating on that or the 20 pound spring.

    It's only three pound difference, but I'm not sure which would be better for me.

    Any input from forum members?

    Also, has anyone ordered from Glock Store and what are your experiences?
  2. Glock's with factory standard weight springs are rated for, IIRC +P or maybe even +P+ ammo so don't see the need to go any higher. All it'll do is make the slide harder to rack. Also, IMHO Stainless is more then good enough and a lot cheaper but if you've got the money for tungsten I guess there's no harm in getting it. I never found my bone stock G26 to have much muzzle flip, can't see how a full size G17 would have much but that's just me, YMMV.

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    3 lbs in a recoil spring is huge! If this is a carry gun stick with the stock. A heavier spring may give you failure to feed problems, I can't use a stock spring with my IPSC loads and they are only about 100 fps light than fighting ammo. I use a 14 lb spring
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    I would have to say, stay with the factory recoil spring and shoot a heavier grain bullet to reduce the muzzle flip.
    Try a box of 147gr bullets.

    Strengthening your wrist or changing your grip & stance might help prevent the muzzel flip also. I would tell you to hold off spending the money on the added weight of a metal recoil spring assembly myself. G17 are a pretty soft shooting gun but if you are shooting something like Blazer ammo with a 115gr bullet you're dealing with a bunch of energy coming out the end of that barrel.
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    The G17 spring weight is perfect. I don't recommend changing the weight. I do have a tungsten rod on my G17 and like the added weight and the added cosmetic enhancement. The reason I went with the tungsten is I wanted something stronger than plastic. All my other pistols have metal rods.

    Look at my thread is if you want pics